Get In With Me (Remix) Lyrics – Polo G

Get In With Me (Remix) Song by Polo G: “Get In With Me (Remix)” is a New Song, sung by Polo G. Get In With Me (Remix) Song was written by ​​​​​Polo G, and the music was produced by​ ​​​​Dxntemadeit.

Get In With Me (Remix) Lyrics By Polo G

Lil Capalot, B!tch, Ha!
Man, Y’all Know What The Fu*k Goin’ On
(Dante, You Snapped On This One)

My Lil’ Glock, A Switch Was Cool,
Now I’m Ridin’ With This Chopper
Last Nigga That Played With Us,
Urgent Care, Go See A Doctor
B!tch, I Feel Like Mad Max,
I Be Turnt Up With My Shotters
In The Club, B!tch, Bag Back While I Turn Up Off Five Shots
Headshots, Lil’ Stick In The Box Like Roddy,
Maybe The Reason I’m Cocky
B!tch, Free My Brother, He In There Fighting A Body,
We Was Like Jordan And Scottie

With Them Chopsticks, We’ll Fry Your Noodle, This Ain’t No Hibachi
All This Hot Shit, It’s Gon’ Go Right Through You, Case Closed, It’s A Homi’
I Spent Twelve Fifty On Some Louis Shoes, B!tch, I Upped My Fashion
I Act Arrogant, I’m Rockin’ Rubins In My Jeans, I’m Saggin’

I’m The Type Of Nigga Let You Think Shit Cool,
Then I Just Start Spazzin’
Ballin’ On These Ho*s Like Jordan Poole,
And She Love How I’m Rappin’
Get In With Me, Thick Bad B!tch Gon’
Suck Me Up While I’m Drivin’
Roll ’em Up, We Turned His A*s To Backwoods,
He Got Smoked In Traffic

Ain’t No Pass This, Green Light, Go,
We Clap Him, Blow Till They Subtract Him
Lil Grouchy Told Me,
“Why Would He Try To Run Like He Don’t Know I’m Accurate?”
He Be Tryna Play Like He Wanna Size Me Up,
He Must Not Know My Savage
Closed Caskets, If The Police Ask Us,
We Don’t Know What Happened

I Remember Jail Calls All Through Securus,
Can’t Come Home, I’m Trappin’
I Never Argue With Opps,
Can’t Take Them Serious, I’m Just Gon’ Start Laughin’
Fu*kin’ Up These Racks, Ho*s On My D!ck,
That’s Why They Mad At Me
Part-Time Por*star,
I Got None But Flicks Inside My Gallery
Every Time One Of The Bros Get Hit,
My Tooturnt Slide For Weeks
How Y’all Live Stuck Together Inside A Ditch,
Watch When You Decide To Speak? (B!tch)
Phone Ringin’ Up, Pull Up, Leave Shit Cropped
Lil’ Bro Shoot Them Glocks, Still Tell You Tool With These Props
My Lil’ Demons Hot, In Hell Where We Gon’ Rot
I Used To Beat The Block
Like, What You Need? Come Shop

Ha, B!tch
Lil Capalot In This B!tch, Man
Y’all Already Know How The Fu*k I’m Comin’
Hey, B!tch, Don’t Run Up On Me Talkin’ ’bout
No “Polo And ’em,” I Know You On Some Fan Shit
Foe’nem Called Me Cap, Get The Fu*k On (Haha)


Song: Get In With Me (Remix)
Lead Vocals Polo G
Written By: Polo G
Music Produced By: Dxntemadeit
Music Label: Polo G
Featuring Artist: Polo G
Release Date:
March 17, 2024

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