Vega Lyrics (Subtract) – Ed Sheeran

Vega Lyrics by Ed Sheeran – Vega is the Brand New English Song from the album “Subtract” featuring Ed Sheeran. Ed Sheeran has sung this Latest English Song, while Vega Song Lyrics are penned by Ed Sheeran and Aaron Dessner with Music also produced by Aaron Dessner, and this Brand New Music video has been released on May 5, 2023.

Ed Sheeran – Vega Lyrics

Rain Keeps Beating On The Rooftop
Muddying The Glass But
God I Love The Sound Of Heaven
Sat Cross-legged On The Carpet Listening To Vinyl
Trying To Ignore The Weather

This Week Was Heavy I Buckled Under All The Weight
What Can You Do But Pray?
And Count Your Blessings It Wasn’t Any Other Way
Don’t Leave It Up To Fate


Fighting The Tide But The Waves They Will Part
Light Up The Night We Were Made To Be Stars
But It Burns Like Hell To Be Vega

Clouds Keep Forming Over This House
Blocking Out The Sun
I’m Trying To Keep It All Together
One Door Closes Then One Opens
Gotta Keep The Focus
If We Believe Then She’ll Get Better


The Days Are Long But They Pass Within An Instant Babe
It Is The Strangest Thing
I’ll Count My Blessings The Day I See You Smile Again
This War We’ve Got To Win

Keep It Inside, Don’t Let No One See Your Heart
No One Can Judge, We’re The Same In The Dark
Fighting The Tide, But The Waves They Will Part
Light Up The Night We Were Made To Be Stars
But It Burns Like Hell To Be Vega


Same Problems, Different Options
Pain Comes At A Cost, But We’ve Got This
Need Rest Bite, Bleed Time Dry
She’ll Be Fine, She’ll Be Fine

Rain Keeps Beating On The Rooftop
Worrying To Death But
I Guess This Is Human Nature
We Are Meant To Shine Like Stars But
That Don’t Mean It Don’t Burn Like Hell To Be Vega

Written by: Ed Sheeran & Aaron Dessner

Vega Song Info:

Song: Vega
Album Subtract
Band/Singer: Ed Sheeran
Lyrics: Ed Sheeran & Aaron Dessner
Music: Aaron Dessner
Video Director: Mia Barnes
Music Label: Asylum Records
Featuring: Ed Sheeran
Release Date: May 5, 2023

Subtract Album Tracklist

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Vega Music Video