Я Убил Марка Lyrics (English) – Morgenshtern

Я Убил Марка Lyrics by Morgenshtern is the Brand New Russian Song featuring Oxxxymiron. Morgenshtern and Oxxxymiron have sung this Latest Russian Song, while the Я Убил Марка Song Lyrics are penned by Morgenshtern and Oxxxymiron, with Music also produced by Morgenshtern, and this Brand New Music video has been released on the 11th of November 2022.

Я Убил Марка Lyrics – Morgenshtern

E, It’s Morgenshtern From…
Where The F#ck Is It From – I Don’t Know Yet
Especially For Bugatti Music, Listen To My Rhymes, E

Rappers Get Old, I Get It, Man
We All Get Old, But Not Like You
You Say You Ain’t No Goof, You’re A Dumb As F#ck?
We All Know You’re Oxxxymiron
I Know It Hurts When There Ain’t Enough Zeros
I Know It Hurts When You Ain’t Got No Zeros
I Get It, Trauma, Feel Sorry For You, My Darling (Whoa-ooh)
It’s Hard To Be A Victim Of Public Rape

Five-zero (Hey), Bitch, Five-zero (Hey)
Five Years Of Silence, Then A F#cked Up Album (Hey)
I Heard It All When I Was Your F#cking Height (There You Go)
There’s No Beauty Here, Only Bankruptcy (Ah-ha)
You’re My Reader, You Read Everything In Our Chat Room
F#ck, Listen My Voice Messages, Oxy, Please
I’m Putting My D!ckhead On My Idol’s Grave
I Can’t Believe It, Because It Started Out So Beautifully
So Beautiful…

[Part 2]

Sh!t, D!ck, D!ck, Pen!s, D!ck, Dawg, D!ck, Myron The Whore
Head, S!ut, A*shole, C0ck, Sh!t, D!ck,
D!ck, Pen!s, D!ck, D!ck, Myron The S!ut
Head, S!ut, A*shole, C0ck, Sh!t, D!ck,
D!ck, Pen!s, D!ck, D!ck, Myron The F#cker

(Ah) My Grandfather Tried To F#ck Me Flaccid (He Tried)
What, You Got It Wrong? I’m Not Fifteen Years Old (Twenty-four)
Thousands Of F#cks? Uncle, There Were Two
Diss In ’22, What The F#ck Are You, Morgenshtern? (Ah)
Track After Track, No Charts, I Get It, It Hurts (Ouch)
You Don’t Know What It Is, Though, Wait (What The F#ck?)
# Miron Can Take A Beating, He Don’t Hurt Nobody (A-ha, A-ha)
But He’ll Tear Anyone Apart For His Lyrical Heroes

“Woah, Woah, Woah – Called A Sad Trombone.”
Yeah, There’s Gonna Be More Flow In This Track
Than Your Whole Career, B!tch (Hey, Hey, Hey, B!tch, Ahem, Ahem)

You Saw The Diss On Goof, And Your Dreams Came True (Yeah)
Even The F#ckng Battle-rap Wasn’t Made By You
I Ain’t Hurt By The Liners And Sh!t
But I’m Hurt By The Beats You Got (F#ck)
Integral Hyperbole Of Rectal Cybernetics (Makes F#cking Sense)
There’s Faggots F#cking On Your Bed (That’s A Fact)
You’ve Only Had Enough Of The Weak Half-cup (Eeee-eee)
Watch The Marketing Kings Do It

[Part 3]

Nah, Whoa, Whoa
Get The Beat Shorter, And Then Bring It Back, Eh

At Least Tell Yourself Why You Answered Me
You Could Have Written, But You’re Talking On The Internet
You Picked Me Even Though Every Third Person In Here, Yeah
You’re Not Offended, You Just Want The Ratings
What The F#ck? Е
It Was Better Before, I Agree, That’s A Fact
Give Me Back Miron For Not Releasing Anything, Yeah
Gorgorod Is A D!ck, Cause I Don’t Like To Read, Yeah
I’ve Been Listening To Ugliness, When Will Beauty Come Out? (Huh?)
You’re So F#cking Brave For Politics (Aha-ha-ha)
Texts Without Specifics, Vetted By Lawyers (Uh-huh.)
F#cking English, Passport F#cking English (Phooey)
Okay, You’re Not Slippery
It Was The Brand That Killed Me

I Was Killed By The Mark
I’ve Been Killed By The Mark
That’s It, Guys, Me, Aha-ha-ha,
That’s It, Guys, I Got Killed By The Mark
Mark, Hey, It’s Kiera
F#ck You


Written by: Morgenshtern & Oxxxymiron

Я Убил Марка Song Info:

Song: Я Убил Марка
Singer: Morgenshtern & Oxxxymiron
Lyrics: Morgenshtern & Oxxxymiron
Music: Morgenshtern
Music Label: Rihanna
Featuring: Morgenshtern & Oxxxymiron
Release Date: 11th November 2022

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Я Убил Марка Music Video