Hombre al Agua (RIP Ankhal) Lyrics (English) – Noriel

Puerto Rican rapper, singer and songwriter “Noriel” has released a brand-new track titled “Hombre al Agua (RIP Ankhal)”. Penned by ​​Noriel, and the song “Hombre al Agua (RIP Ankhal)” was also produced by Noriel.

Hombre al Agua (RIP Ankhal) (English Translation) Lyrics

The Scenes Cause Chills
On The High Seas, The Ship Was Rocking
So Strong That The Furniture Was Slipping
And Pieces Of The Ceiling Fell To The Ground
And Had An Apparent Engine Failure
Nineteen Were Traveling On The Boat
People Including The Captain And His Assistant
Several Were Left Under The Boat
They Revealed A New And Terrifying Video
Of The Moment After A Young Man
He Jumped Off A Cruise Ship And
Everything To Meet A Challenge
Authorities Also Investigate
Possible Negligence For Exceeding
The Capacity Of The Boat
The Postal Guard Suspended Their Search
And He Offered His Condolences To The Family,
Something Regretted
The First Is Recognized As Ankhal
In The Music Of The Urban Genre

Good Night Ankhalino, You Lost Your Way
I Have Codes, No Abuse Of The Innocent Or Disabled
But I’ll Make It Clear To You Just In Case You Forgot
Hit It Hard With Your Chest And Arm, Today We’ll Sink The Ship For You.
What Pirate Of What? Bastard, You’re A Ball Scratcher
Don’t Fall Asleep, The Wave Will Cover You At Any Time
With What You Do In Music, It’s Better To Work Hourly
The Coolest One On The Island And You Didn’t Fill A Coke, Boy
The Mother Is High, Hold On To The Helm
You Threw Me For The Diva Remix And
I Picheó You, I Fu*ked You Sucker
You’re A Piece Of Shit, You Really Don’t Put Any Pressure On You
If The Captain Is Bad, What Does The Crew Have?
Apart From Hunger And Sleep, Bastard, Get Into The Effort
You Came To Carbon Fiber Being The Little Almighty
You Didn’t Even Give A Foot With A Ball, You Didn’t Even Pass The D-league
You Are So Shitty That They Even Gave You The Release
I Gave A Million For Mine, Bastard, I’m A Millionaire
And Being A Millionaire, I Still Stay With The Same People In The Neighborhood
With What Strength? You Say You’re Going To Lower My De’o
You Don’t Have Anything, You Ask To Lend For The Videos
Anti-judaz Son Feka’, Los Caso’
That They Have It, They Asked For It By Cloning Their Card
You Don’t Have A Street Or A Notebook, Cargapeine, Puppet
No One Of Yours Respects You


Ha Ha Ha
That Bullshit Shit, Bastard
I Won That Without Answering
Hey, You Have To Change That Chorus Of Yours,
Daddy, Yours Are Lying To You, Haha
‘so Bad, Bad’
That Flow Of Yours Is Out Of Time, Uncoordinated
Nobody Understands You Damn, Ha
I Skip That Even Talking, Check

That Ankhal Is Hard? Yes, Pepe
You Snored A Lot And Stayed In El Teque
The Baddest Strip In The World, Devil, What A Package
I Don’t Know Who Is More Shitty, If It’s You Or He Says That You Put Him In
Come On, Bastard, Come, Get Off On The Shore
The Boat Is Sinking And There Is No Lifeguard Or Yellow Tapes
The Vice Has ‘loco’ ‘and The Pills’
Come On, Come To 6-5, I’m Waiting For You With Squirrel
You Don’t Go Out With Me Song By Song
You Don’t Have A Passport, You Haven’t Seen A Plane
Kids, Class Is About To Start, Get Into The Studio
I’m Going To Teach You How To Trap, We’ll Talk On June 14


Devil, What A Free Kill, Bastard
You Buried Alone
“Oh, Anti-judaz, Anti-judaz’, He—,” Mere, Bastard
Judas Are Yours, Who Left You
Get That Filth Out, Rascabicho, Hehe
‘you Bastard That Squirrel Makes More Chavo’
Que To’ El Chorillo Yours Complete
I’m Not Going To Talk Anymore
Devil, These People

Mera, Squirrel Speaks, Brother
These People Mentioning 6-5 Al Garete
Tell Them That The Only Ones They Can Drag
People For 6-5 We Are Us’
And Make No Mistake, Daddy,
Anything You Let Us Know
Noriel, Let It Fall, That You ‘are With Us’
Sincerely, The One Who Makes You Fly
Head-to-head With Deadpool
The 6-5
Nori, This Is The Pitch
Tell Him That Boats Don’t Enter For The Monja’
That By The Way, There Is No Pirate Worth It
Sincerely, V Boy
Mera, Tell Me, Nori
You Know That We Pm Don’t
We Talk A Lot, Compa
Through The Mouth They Fly And Jump Until
That We Lift Them From That Dream
Mera, Tell Me, Noriel
Tell These People What A Pirate Who Passes Through Loíza,
Pirate Who Is Missing And Doesn’t Get On, Sends A Boat
And Orient It, No Matter How Much They Want The Boat To Be,
Burns Or Early, The Wave Wraps It Up
Sincerely, Pause, To All The Face Flights
Analy, Tell [?] This [?] For The Monja
[?] We’re Waiting
Sincerely, The Always [?]
That If We Produce A Rhythm,
We’re Above The Street, Did You Hear?
Mera, Noriel, Let’s Give A Couple Of Points Of Course
When Have You Seen Pirate’ Sail On The Brea?
[?] They Want To Take The Boats Out Of The Water,
We Are Going To Dismantle Them In La Brea
You Know That In [?] ‘e Cupey We Are Not’ Playing
And The Voice Of One Of Those Who Weighs The Most Tells You
Sincerely, Macho Full, The [?]
Mera, Dime, Danger
Tell These People Not To Keep Snoring
That We Have Always Been
The Most Underestimated’ And We Are The
That We Ended Up Distributing The Cod
Tell Him That From 6-5 To The Nun It’s
One Pass And We Are ‘active’
Sincerely, The Goat
I’m With The Best In The World, Daddy, They Know
Number One In Twenty, Motherf*cker



Song Name:Hombre al Agua (RIP Ankhal)
Lead Vocals:Noriel
Written By:Noriel
Music Produced By:Noriel
Release Date:June 8, 2024
Music Label:Noriel

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