The Elevator Lyrics – Lizzy McAlpine

The Elevator Song by Lizzy McAlpine: “The Elevator” is a New track by Lizzy McAlpine. The Elevator Song was written by Lizzy McAlpine and Ryan Lerman, and the music produced by​ ​​​​Lizzy McAlpine and Mason Stoops.

The Elevator Lyrics By Lizzy McAlpine

It Wasn’t Slow, It Happened Fast
And Suddenly The Only Thing I Saw Was You
(Mm-mm, Mm-mm)
I Didn’t Know The Half Of It
And Suddenly I Had Everything To Lose
(Mm-mm, Mm-mm)

Can We Stay Like This Forever?
Can We Be Here In This Room ’til We Die?
I Think We Can Make It
I Hope That I’m Right



Song: The Elevator
Album: Older
Vocals: Lizzy McAlpine
Written By:
Lizzy McAlpine & Ryan Lerman
Music Produced By: Lizzy McAlpine & Mason Stoops
Music Label: Lizzy McAlpine
Featuring Artist: Lizzy McAlpine
Release Date:
April 5, 2024

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