No More Questions Lyrics – A Boogie wit da Hoodie

American rapper, singer and lyricist “A Boogie wit da Hoodie” has released a brand-new song titled “No More Questions.” Penned by A Boogie wit da Hoodie, and the song “No More Questions” was produced by Tsureal and CRATER.

No More Questions Lyrics By A Boogie wit da Hoodie

It Was Good If You Ask Me
Thinkin’ ’bout What I’m Finna Say Now
We’ve Been Going Through This Every Day Now

What’s Good With You?
I Still Remember Bein’ In The Hood With You
Money Got These B!tches On My Johnson So Badly
They Tried To Spin Me In Cali, Got Bumpy Like Acne
I Got A Lot But I Want Much More
I Wanted More Than I Deserved, I
Picked You Up And Dropped You Off Like A Curbside
You Show Me The Best Of You With Your Third Eye
Never Around Love
You Made The Hairs On My Body Stick Up Like I Was Alfalfa
Dtb, These B!tches Ain’t Loyal, Cannot Vouch For ’em
You Wasn’t With Me When I Slept On The Couch, Now
In My City, They Treat Me Like Gillie In Philly
If I Give You Game, It’s Gon’ Be Worth Like A Billi’
Give A B!tch My Heart, She Let It Go In The River
It’s A Whole ‘nother Story, This Ain’t Bobby And Whitney
I Got A Whole Lotta Money, You Could Spend It With Me
Smack The Soul Out A Nigga, You Think It’s Funny, Ain’t Shiggy
I’m Not A Role Model, Nigga, I Got Killers With Me
Holes In Your Body, B!tch, You Could Never Be 50
And I Got Bruised Once For Lovin’ A Girl
Confused, Thinkin’ B!tch-A*s Niggas Was So Thurl
Paddy Wagon Used To Spin The Block, Was Only Sellin’ Weed
I’d Rather See That Nigga In A Box Before He Tell On Me
Out Of All The Altercations With The Opps, They Never Fell On Me
And I Was In Conversations With The Akhis Bout Investments, Baby, Did I Stutter?
All These M&Ms Got Niggas Actin’ Shady, I Miss Butter
When They Killed My Friend, I Felt Like Blastin’ Somethin’
Shit Was All Good If You Asked Me
Until You Started Askin’ Bout Tiffany And Ashley
I Looked Through Your Phone, I Ain’t Gon’ Lie, You Did Me Badly
You Looked Through My Phone, What You Expect To See? I’m Nasty
Don’t Ask Me Shit, Don’t Hit Me Up About No Bullshit
Especially When You Interrupt Me While I’m Workin’
I Pick You Up, You Said, Bring The Car With The Curtains
Girls That I Deserted, I Don’t Deserve Them
Will You Be With Me When It All Falls Down?
Look At The Richie, Baby, Time Will Tell
If I Get The Best Of You, Then I Have To
Show You The Best Of Me


You Can’t Stop Askin’ Me Questions
About Who I’m Textin’
Girl, I’m Good If You Ask Me
I Never Dated Tiffany Or Ashley, Just Ask Them
Baby, If I Got It, You Got It, And I Got Mad Funds
It’s Okay To Treat Me Like An Arcade, You Can Have Fun
These Rap Niggas My Sons, And If They Breed, I Got Grandsons
It’s Things That She Wanna Know About Me

You Keep On Askin’ Me Questions
About Who I’m Textin’
And About Who I’m Sexin’
I Can’t Take It, No, No
You Keep Interruptin’ My Flexin’
Who You Think You Checkin’?
Girl, You Can Go Get To Steppin’
’cause I Can’t Take It, No, No


No More Questions
No More Questions
No More Questions
No More Questions


Song: No More Questions
Album: ALONE
Lead Vocals: A Boogie wit da Hoodie
Written By:
A Boogie wit da Hoodie
Music Produced By: Tsureal & CRATER
Music Label: A Boogie wit da Hoodie
Featuring Artist: A Boogie wit da Hoodie
Release Date:
April 22, 2024

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