Forever And A Day Lyrics – Benson Boone

Forever And A Day Song by Benson Boone: “Forever And A Day” is a New Song, sung by Benson Boone. Forever And A Day Song was written by ​​​​Jason Suwito, Jack LaFrantz, and Benson Boone, and the music produced by​ ​​​​Jason Suwito.

Forever And A Day Lyrics By Benson Boone

I Started Driving Through The Hills, Told Me To Come And Get You
No Words Conveyed The Way It Felt For Me To Finally Hold You
In My Arms Just Long Enough To Know
Know Every Word You’re Gonna Say Before You Even Think It
But, Somehow, Every Joke You Make Is Funnier Each Time Around
Your Laugh Is Such A Perfect Sound

These Butterflies Lived A Million Lives To Say
I Swear I’ve Known You Longer Than


Forever And A Day
A Day
Forever And Ever And A Day
A Day
Forever And A Day

I Bet We Already Knew Our Names Before We Met Each Other
I Bet We’ve Sailed The Milky Way, Walked On The Sun Together
How Could I Forget Those Emerald Eyes?
They Took Me By Surprise, But Suddenly
I Missed Your Face, I Knew That Smile From Miles Away
I Knew That I Have Loved You


Forever And A Day
A Day
In All My Lives, I’ve Waited Every Time To Hear You Say
“I’m Yours Forever And A Day”

I Don’t Believe In Destiny
But I Might Have To Say
Your Melodies, They’re Changing Me
I’m Yours Forever And A Day
Oh, Forever And A Day (I Don’t Believe In Destiny)
(I’m Yours Forever)



Song: Forever And A Day
Album: Fireworks & Rollerblades
Vocals Benson Boone
Written By: Benson Boone, Jack LaFrantz & Jason Suwito
Music Produced By: Jason Suwito
Music Label: Benson Boone
Featuring Artist: Benson Boone
Release Date:
April 5, 2024

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