NENE’S PRAYER Lyrics – Anycia

NENE’S PRAYER Song by Anycia: “NENE’S PRAYER” is a New Song, sung by Anycia. NENE’S PRAYER Song was written by ​​​​Anycia, and the music produced by​ ​​​​EJ Stellar and Ixso.

NENE’S PRAYER Lyrics By Anycia

(Ixso, You Go Too Crazy)
Yeah, Huh? (I Cannot Stand A Nigga, I Swear To God)
(Thanks For The Gift, E)
Your Stupid A*s

I Hope You Crash And Burn (I Hope You Crash And Burn)
I Hope Somebody Steal Your Hellcat
I Hope A Nigga Take Your Chain
And Every B!tch You Fu*kin’ On Gon’ Always Be A Lame
I Hope You Know That You The Reason I Treat Them The Same
I Wished A Nigga Would And Then He Did
I Done Gassed You Up And Now You Actin’ Mid
Ho, I Know That You Ain’t Dumb, So Why You Actin’ Slow? (Slow)
Huh? (What?)


I Hope Your Barber Push Your Shit Back
I Hope You Get Up Out The Car And Then Your Phone Crack
I Hope You On The Way To Pus*sy And You Blow A Tire
I Hope You Know You Played Me (Yeah), B!tch
I Hope You Know You Played Around, ’cause I’m The Realest B!tch ’round
Never Been A Dummy, You Could Check The Background
Get A Big Bankroll

B!tch, I’m Always Trippin’ ’cause You Wanna Be A Ho
Bet You Get To Tweakin’ If We Get To Switchin’ Roles
Naked In The Rolls, Sippin’ Cabernet
I Ain’t Losin’ Sleep ’bout A Ho, No Way
I Wish I Was A Nigga, I Would Punch You In Your Face
You The Type Of Nigga That’s Gon’ Make Me Catch A Case


Big Nene


Vocals Anycia
Written By: Anycia
Music Produced By: EJ Stellar & Ixso
Music Label: Anycia
Featuring Artist: Anycia
Music Video Director: Diamond Visuals
Release Date:
March 22, 2024

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