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Nâng Chén Tiêu Sầu Song by BÍCH PHƯƠNG: “Nâng Chén Tiêu Sầu” is a New Song, sung by BÍCH PHƯƠNG. Nâng Chén Tiêu Sầu (English Translation) Song was written by ​​​​​Nguyễn Huy Hoàng Hiệp and Tăng Duy Tân, and the music was produced by​ ​​​​DuongK and Drum7.

Nâng Chén Tiêu Sầu Lyrics (English Translation)

I See Your Sad Eyes, Not Because Of The Person Who Came Later
It’s Not Because Of You, Because You Don’t Deserve The Pain.
I Want A Dark, Colorless Night,
A Longing With No End Or Beginning
I Drink A Little More Deep Enzyme,
See How Shallow And Deep My Heart Is
One Cup For You, Ten Years Suddenly Becomes Nothingness
If You Don’t Remember Anything,
You Won’t Remember Or Look Forward To It
A Cup For Life, Lazily Flowing Down The Stream
Maybe It’s Like, Drifting Back To The Vast Ocean

Ha Ha Ah Ah Ah, Just Once I’m Drunk
Drink All The Sadness You Still Have
Ha Ha Ah Ah Ah, Drops Of Sorrow Fall, Let Me Go
The End Of The Months Of May. My Heart Is Full Of Chaos
I Want To Raise A Cup Of Sorrow

Accustomed To Living In A Pile Of Melancholy,
Then No Longer Knowing Pain
So When We Are Separated, My Heart Cannot Bleed
I’m Sorry For Being Apart, Because My Heart Has Faded
I Don’t Blame You Either, So I Hope Your Heart Doesn’t Hurt



Song: Nâng Chén Tiêu Sầu (English Translation)
Written By: Nguyễn Huy Hoàng Hiệp & Tăng Duy Tân
Music Produced By: DuongK & Drum7
Music Label: BÍCH PHƯƠNG
Featuring Artist: BÍCH PHƯƠNG
Release Date:
March 7, 2024

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