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Uncle Sam Song by Skippa: “Uncle Sam” is a New Song, sung by Skippa. Uncle Sam Song is written by ​​​​​Skippa, and the music is produced by ​​Sulfa Ge Records.

Uncle Sam Song Credits:

Song: Uncle Sam
Band/Singer: Skippa
Lead Vocals: Skippa
Written By: Skippa
Music Produced By: Sulfa Ge Records
Music Label: Skippa
Featuring Artist: Skippa
Music Video Director: SM Filmz
Release Date:
February 3, 2024

Skippa – Uncle Sam Lyrics

Money Tink Like Hm Bredda What’s That Smell
Used To Wah Gah Heaven Now She Wah Gah Hell
Nah Fi Ask Bout Skippa Know Boy Doing Well
A Straight Wire Transfer Boy Stop Use Zelle


Sweepstakes, Buy Beast, Stop Chat
Nah Do It Like Who? Like Me, Like Bob
Big Thief, Big Mech, Boy Nah Stop Chop

E Money Start Get Out A Hand
Big Benz A Nuh Toyota Van
Send A Skull With A Cheque Fi Go Cash Out A Bank
Big Bricks Wah Pop Out Mi Hand Dawg

Mi Jump Ni Ah Account Mi Don
Buy The Coupe And Black Out The Van
Now Mi Skull Eat Trash Out A Can
Must Buck E Big Goon, I Will And Mi Shall

A Kills Life We Do The Things Weh She Love Dawg
She Pop Pill Pon Empty Stomach
Tun Yuh Pon A Backaz Ash Mi Crae Pon Yuh B*tt
A Big Crown Man Push Wid E Grill Pon E Front


So Mek Mi Teach Some Likkle Boy How Fi Drop A Cheque
Send Yuh Info, Yuh Address And E Code Weh Yuh Get
Mi Drop A Quick Forty And It A Pend So Do Nuh Fret
Mi Cheque Hot Like Fire And Them Never Bounce Yet

So Night Time That A Mine Cah Mi Fraid A E Sun
E Likkle Demon Boy Just A Try Fi Have Fun
E Mark X That A Toy And Mi Wuk It Till It Done
Buck A Skull Name Troy, Mek E Pu*sy Bankrup

Them Say Yuh Talk Too Much In A Yuh Song
Yuh Would A Understand If Yuh See Weh We Come From
We Never Know Dare Car We Never Know Name Brand
So When Me Buck A White Boy In A Head Mi Drop Bam

And Any Day Man Stop Sing Song, Dawg Lift Up A Capital One
Skippa Don Prefer Gaint Over Any Hit Song
Sweepstakes A The Game Oh My God Damn
Nuh See Nuh White Boy Out Deh Mi Sorry Fah

A Mi Alone Feel Mi Pain And Mi Carry That
Nuh Tell Mi Bout Nuh Heaven Gate And Nuh Chariot
So Hurry And Get The Gift Card And Carry Back

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “Uncle Sam” song?

Uncle Sam song lyrics written by Skippa.

Who is the singer of the “Uncle Sam” song?

Uncle Sam song is sung by Skippa.

Who is the music producer of the Uncle Sam song?

Sulfa Ge Records produced Uncle Sam song music.

When was the Uncle Sam song released?

Uncle Sam the song was released on February 3, 2024.

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