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Shotta Flow 7 (Remix) Song by NLE Choppa: “Shotta Flow 7 (Remix)” is a New Song, sung by NLE Choppa and Lil Mabu. Shotta Flow 7 (Remix) Song was written by ​​​​​NLE Choppa, Lil Mabu, Project X (Producer), Tay Keith, and Superstar O, and the music was produced by​ ​​​​Project X (Producer), Superstar O, and Tay Keith.

NLE Choppa – Shotta Flow 7 (Remix) Lyrics

Yeah, Yeah (I Jumped The Gun)
Le Top Shotta (YGA)
Bomb Like Al-Qaeda
(Had To Put A Real Shooter On This Motherfu*ker)
Finale, Finito, Uh (Gang, Gang, YGA, Grrah)
Yeah (Grrah), Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I Was Missin’ In Action Like Chrisean Tooth
(Tay Keith, Fu*k These Niggas Up)
Back Leg Loose Like A Nigga Had To Poot
I’m A God In Memphis, Who Bigger Than Me? (Who Bigger Than Me?)
Shit That They Did, I Did At Sixteen (Sixteen)
He Flexin’ His Money, We Know That He Broke (Know That He Broke)
D!ck In Her Mouth, Nle Throat Coat

He Pressed By The Girl That Fu*kin’ The City
He Tender (He Tender), We Call Him Diddy (Let’s Go)
Chopper So Big, Knock The Weight Off Biggie (Brr, Brr, Brr)
I’m Somethin’ Like Pu*sy, This Shit’ll Get Sticky
Got Millionaire Mode, I Don’t Plan On Glitchin’
I’m Back, Nigga, Like I Had An Addiction
Dropped Him, Let’s Go, Ooh
He Couldn’t Take Those, Nah
Switches And Dracos, Yeah
Shooters On Payroll

Nigga Don’t Want No Smoke, They Snoop Dogg (Snoop Dogg)
We’ll Show Up At Your Door Like A U-haul (U-haul)
Lil’ Nigga, Big Pistol, Stand Tall (Stand Tall)
Quick To Pop A Nigga A*s Like A Adderall (Adderall)
Shakin’ The Spot Like An A*s Or Somethin’ (As*s Or Somethin’)
Lil’ Bruh Sped, He Crash For Nothin’ (Crash For Nothin’)
Walk Out The House With A Mask And Gun (Mask And Gun)
Better Hold Your Breath Like An Asthma Pump

Move Like The Pope, Hundred Some Shots In The Ghost (Brrah)
Better Think Twice, Don’t Approach (Brrt, Brrt)
No Regular Glocks, Know That It Came With A Box
We Steppin’ Like Shoes And Socks (Brrt, Brrt)
One Of The Realest, How Can You Not Mention?
We Slid Out The Civic, Now Rolls-Royce Whippin’ (Skrrt)
Suckin’ And Grippin’, Double Jerk And Twist It
She Killin’ My Kids Like Abortion Clinics

Sh00t Him In The Tongue, He A Slut
Mabu Got The Last Lick, How It Feel, Bruh? (Ha)
Type To Put An Orange Tip On A Real Gun
I Could Up A Nerf, I Bet They Still Run
You Straight?
Mabu Took Your Bae (On God)
You Should Know, I Don’t Swing That Way (Nuh-uh)
You Owe Me Cash For The Fame
I Don’t Owe You No A*s, Okay?

We’ll Leave A Nigga Blue In The Face
How A Nigga Want The Fade, Knowin’
He Had To Go To Jail The Next Day?
Pu*sy Boy
You Somethin’ Like My B!tch Rose Toy
Kkk, Got Ks On Ks, Wanna Fu*k Kim K And Make Kanye Watch
Mr. Take Your Bae, YGA (Ayy),
I Like Fun Games, Treat A Bun Like A Box
Ayy, Squeeze It, Pop It, His Top, Crop It
How You A Real Nigga Beatin’ Your Barbies?
Killer? Stop It, Football Prospect
Rather Ask Floyd Mayweather, “Come Box Me”

I Don’t Wanna Box, I Got A Stick (Boom, Boom)
I Boxed Your B!tch And I Busted Her Lip (B!tch)
As A Minor (On God)
And Not The Lip With Her Saliva
Body Part Rhymes With China (China)
You Know I Had To Get Behind Her (Behind Her)
Nut In Her Eyes, Gotta Blind Her (Oops, Blind Her)
No Face, No Case, Reminder (Reminder)
Ayy, Yeah, Yeah
Mabu Good At The Cookout
Every Hood, Every Trap House
On His Block, We Gon’ Stake Out
And I’m Givin’ Out Free Clout
Box ’em Up Like Takeout
Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go
I Might Just O– Fu*k That (Ayy, Fu*k That)
Percs Killin’ Slow– Fu*k That (Say, Fu*k That)
If I See His Ho– Fu*k That (Come Here)
Last Shotta Flow– Fu*k That (Come Here)
Fu*k It, Fu*k It, Fu*k It, Fu*k It, Fu*k It, Fu*k It
Fu*k It, Fu*k It, Fu*k It, Fu*k It, Fu*k It, Fu*k It
Fu*k It, Fu*k It, Fu*k It

He Flushin’ (Fu*k It)
Mabu, Nle, We Bustin’
Top Shotta, Top Shotta, Top Shotta
Better Blow That B!tch If You Clutchin’
YGA, Yga, Nle
Lil’ Bruh, He’ll Spin For Nothin’ (YGA)
Gave His A*s A Perc’ 30, On God (Mabu)

Shotta Flow 7 (Remix) Song Credits:

Song: Shotta Flow 7 (Remix)
Lead Vocals NLE Choppa & Lil Mabu
Written By: NLE Choppa, Lil Mabu, Project X (Producer), Tay Keith & Superstar O
Music Produced By: Project X (Producer), Superstar O & Tay Keith
Music Label: Warner Records & No Love Entertainment
Featuring Artist: Lil Mabu
Music Video Director: BENMRC & Isaac Garcia
Release Date:
February 22, 2024

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LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “Shotta Flow 7 (Remix)” song?

Shotta Flow 7 (Remix) song lyrics written by NLE Choppa, Lil Mabu, Project X (Producer), Tay Keith, and Superstar O.

Who is the singer of the “Shotta Flow 7 (Remix)” song?

Shotta Flow 7 (Remix) song is sung by NLE Choppa and Lil Mabu.

Who is the music producer of the Shotta Flow 7 (Remix) song?

Project X (Producer), Superstar O, and Tay Keith produced Shotta Flow 7 (Remix) song music.

When was the Shotta Flow 7 (Remix) song released?

Shotta Flow 7 (Remix) the song was released on February 22, 2024.