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Morë Song by Yeat: “Morë” is a New Song, sung by Yeat. Morë Song was written by ​​​​​Yeat, Bugz Ronin, and Synthetic, and the music was produced by​ ​​Yeat, Bugz Ronin, and Synthetic.

Yeat – Morë Lyrics

You Ain’t Felt This Feeling, Not Once (Ooh, Ah)
Yeah, I Was Tryna Lie, You Tryna Lie More (Ooh, Ah-ah, Ah)
I Don’t Like Havin’ The Wheel
Matter Of Fact, I Love Losin’ Control
Playin’ With They Minds, Remote Control
It’s A Lot Of Shit I Need And I Still Need More (Ooh, Ah)

Uh, I Go Back To Back, It’s Psycho Ceo, Uh (C—)
I Got Tired Of This Shit, I Had To Let You Go
You Remind Me Of Something That I Think I Know, Uh
It Remind Me Of Myself When I Lose Control, Uh
I Could Lose Control, Uh, I’m A Ceo, Uh

You Can’t Lose Control, Shit, ’cause You Don’t Have Self Control
And Every Time You Thought You Wanted Somethin’, You Needed More
And Then It Come Right Back At You, Throw You Overboard
Yeah, Comin’ Out The Woods At Your Yellow Ford
Makin’ Trillion Dollar Money In This Fu*kin’ Forbes
I’m A Selfish Fu*k, Yeah, I Need More

Wanna See You When You Die, Wan’ Who Bleed More
I Piss Diamonds, I’m A Rich Fu*k
In The Rich Climate With A Big Truck (Ah-ah)
No, You Can’t Get In With Us, You A Stupid Fu*k
And It’s All On Tabs When You Rock With Us (Ooh)
Put A Condo On The Moon So They Can’t Talk To Us (Huh, Huh)
You Can’t Talk To Us

You Can Talk To A Picture, You Can Talk Through Us
Yeah, I’ma Hit It Deep, I’ma Hit It Scuba (Huh, Huh)
I Don’t Like To Sleep (Huh, Huh)
I Can’t Believe This Free (Huh, Huh)
You Always On The Screen (Huh, Huh)
You Can’t Look Back At Your Life And Tell Me One Thing

Morë Song Credits:

Song: Morë
Album: 2093
Band/Singer: Yeat
Lead Vocals: Yeat
Written By: Yeat, Bugz Ronin & Synthetic
Music Produced By: Yeat, Bugz Ronin & Synthetic
Music Label: Lyfestyle Corporation, Field Trip Recordings & Capitol Records
Featuring Artist: Yeat
Release Date:
February 16, 2024

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LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “Morë” song?

Morë song lyrics written by Yeat, Bugz Ronin, and Synthetic.

Who is the singer of the “Morë” song?

Morë song is sung by Yeat.

Who is the music producer of the Morë song?

Yeat, Bugz Ronin, and Synthetic produced Morë song music.

When was the Morë song released?

Morë the song was released on February 16, 2024.