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1093 Song by Yeat: “1093” is a New Song, sung by Yeat. 1093 Song was written by ​​​​​Yeat, Rex Kudo, and Benny Bock, and the music was produced by​ ​​​​Yeat, Rex Kudo, and Benny Bock.

Yeat – 1093 Lyrics

Are You In This Shit For Life? (All Of Ya)
I’il Back-stab You With A Fu*kin’ Knife (All Of Ya)
Don’t It Just Feel Right? (And I Realized)
Don’t You Just Feel Good? (All Of Ya)
Better Than You Know You Should
Even If It’s For The Night
You Wish You Could Pause Time
And Live This Section Your Whole Life

You Know That Feeling That You Said You Hate?
Everything Great, I Push Away
Ask An Alien To Show Me The Way
And I’m Not Even From This Earth, I Can’t Stay
Yeah, I Wish I Could Stay
I Wish I Could Stay
I Could Give You Something So Great
I Could Take It Away
It’s All Inside Of My Hands
But It’s All Out Of My Control

And It’s Something That I Hear My Soul Saying
So I’ma Let It Take Me Overboard, If Ya
Try To Tell Me Something I Didn’t Like, If Ya
Tell Me You Did Something I Didn’t Like, If Ya
Keep On Telling Me A Fu*king Lie, If Ya
I’ma Wish The Motherfu*ker Had Died, If Ya
Keep On Playing With My Fu*king Time, If Ya
Chasing That Warm Feeling Inside Of Ya
Always Playing Both Sides, I’m Fu*king Tired Of Ya
You A Schizophrenic, I Realized It’s Nine Of Ya

I Realized It’s Nine Of Ya
And I Realized That You Couldn’t Handle None Of This Shit
So I’ma Give You It Anyway
Fu*k What The Critics Say
Fu*k What Ya B!tch Said
Gemstones Like Tuesdays
I’ma Take You To The End, I’ma
Take You To The End
Push You To The Edge
You Way In Over Your Head When Ya
Go And Try To Live Like This
So I’ma Take It To The End
But I Can’t Be Ya Friend
So I’ma Show You The Other Way
That’s The Way Of Dead Men

1093 Song Credits:

Song: 1093
Album: 2093
Band/Singer: Yeat
Lead Vocals: Yeat
Written By: Yeat, Rex Kudo & Benny Bock
Music Produced By: Yeat, Rex Kudo & Benny Bock
Music Label: Lyfestyle Corporation, Field Trip Recordings & Capitol Records
Featuring Artist: Yeat
Release Date:
February 16, 2024

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LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “1093” song?

1093 song lyrics written by Yeat, Rex Kudo, and Benny Bock.

Who is the singer of the “1093” song?

1093 song is sung by Yeat.

Who is the music producer of the 1093 song?

Yeat, Rex Kudo, and Benny Bock produced 1093 song music.

When was the 1093 song released?

1093 the song was released on February 16, 2024.