Waymo Freestyle Lyrics – Babyface Ray

Waymo Freestyle Song by Babyface Ray: “Waymo Freestyle” is a New Song by Babyface Ray. Waymo Freestyle Song was written by ​​​​​Babyface Ray, and the music was produced by Juvy Catcher, Rick Anthony, and LulRose.

Waymo Freestyle Song Credits:

Song: Waymo Freestyle
Band/Singer: Babyface Ray
Lead Vocals: Babyface Ray
Written By: Babyface Ray
Music Produced By: Juvy Catcher, Rick Anthony & LulRose
Music Label: Babyface Ray
Featuring Artist: Babyface Ray
Music Video Director: Cozy DVD
Release Date:
January 15, 2024

Babyface Ray – Waymo Freestyle Lyrics

Cozy DVD

Yeah These So Many Niggas I’ll Stop
They Feel Like They Laid Off
Can’t Do Shit But Hating
These Niggas Won’t Take A Day Off


Say He Pants Shopping
He Wanna Come Get A Great Dog
Chromie Hard Leather Face
I Should Rock A Chainsaw

Rollie Fit Me Fit My B!tch
Like It’s Made For
Tell Me Why Would I Hand
You What I Slave For


Push Flip Grand For The Money
Need A Skateboard
Only Thing I Hate About
The Streets Is No Escape For

One Thing That I Know About These Niggas
They Ain’t Paid For
Yeah Took A While But I Got
Everything I Preay For


50 Year Line I’m Just Popping Shit Away More
Beat In His Eyes Just Like Boss’s Georgia Diego

Rich Junkie Capitals Like Real Money
Red Light No I Don’t Stop I’m Getting Money
She Like Faces Look Better In Person
Just Don’t Touch Me
Look How He Itching For One He Keep Clutching It

Hard Not Life Know This Shit Ain’t Fair
Being Me You Got Better Eyes Fighting A Bear
Niggas Showing Me Is Watching They Like That
I Care It Ain’t Like That I Can’t Fu*k Too Hard
Like A Pair Closet Full Of Shit But
Still Ain’t Nothing To Wear
She On Her Knees Giving Top Left
It All In Her Hair

Yeah I Been Living Records
You Want Truth For The Dare
They Tell Me Shoot For The Stars
Never Shoot In The Air
Damn Heavy A*s
Chain Got A Crook In My Neck

The Ambition Came From Being Pushed To The Back
When I Was Down Bad Where The Fu*k Who Was At
I’m Talking Low No Rapping Had To Get This Cash

My Cousin Worked A 9 To 5 Just To Get Him Scared
Didn’t Quit After That Drove That B!tch To The Trap
Then He Took All His Money Tried To Get Him A Bag
Niggas Done Ran Off Gave These Baggage To Plant

You Gotta Choose Your Path Stay Focused Get Up
Go And Get It On The Days You Don’t Want To
Niggas Fake Gangsters They Be Bangin’ Over Pro Tools
How You Gang Gang Nigga I Don’t Even Know

You Don’t Know
Mama Ain’t Never Ridin’ Ain’t Did Shit For My Kids
Seven Serious Grindin’ On Forgis
Caught Me Pullin’ Off Grits
My Life Thinking I’m Losing
I’ve Been Dodging These B!tch Watching Room
Watch How You Talking
Catch A Slug To The Hit It Get Dangerous

Kids Tell Them Seeds Off
That Shit They’ll Spank You
I Done Put Some Niggas In Position
They Ain’t Thank Me
How You Talking Down On Your Niggas
Up Your Ranking

Feeling Like A Genie With This Money
What I Can’t Get
Rock The Rick Owens With The 11
On The Laces
Only Time My Nerves
When I Get Around The Daily
Granny Call Me Just The Other Day
I Said I Made It

Cash Getting So Fu*king Long
I Should Be B!tch
Keep My Name In The Shop
I Told Them To Stop
Told Her I’d Get Her A Crib
She Wanted To Watch Lately
All I’m Seeing Is Tricks I Wanna Go Up
Said They Down With The Straight Up
Shit They Wanna Do Up

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LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “Waymo Freestyle” song?

Waymo Freestyle song lyrics written by Babyface Ray.

Who is the singer of the “Waymo Freestyle” song?

Waymo Freestyle song is sung by Babyface Ray.

Who is the music producer of the Waymo Freestyle song?

Juvy Catcher, Rick Anthony, and LulRose produced Waymo Freestyle song music.

When was the Waymo Freestyle song released?

Waymo Freestyle the song was released on January 15, 2024.