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Watch Song by Young M.A: “Watch” is a New Song by Young M.A. Watch Song was written by ​​​​​Young M.A, and the music was produced by Mike Zombie.

Watch Song Credits:

Song: Watch
Band/Singer: Young M.A
Lead Vocals: Young M.A
Written By: Young M.A
Music Produced By: Mike Zombie
Music Label: Young M.A
Featuring Artist: Young M.A
Music Video Director: Samuel Finley
Release Date:
January 13, 2024

Young M.A – Watch Lyrics

Mind Free
First Step
Find God
Next Step
Find Me

Ah, This What We Doin’

Man, You Know My Body
I’m Comin’ Harder Than Niggas In Tight Pu*sy
I’m Still A Bully, I’m Not Friendly
None Of You Rappers Still Can Fu*k Wit’ Me
I’m Her, I’m Him, I’m Shim, Not Them (anha)


And I Put That On Mommy
I’m Kinda Weird, It’s Kinda Hard To Define Me
Men Hate ’cause Women Never Decline Me
Sex Symbol, I Got Drip But I Dress Simple
And My Neck And My Wrist On Dasani
Or Black Shades All I See Is Versace

I’m From The Biddy Or The Top Ooters
Them Glock And Rugers
Them [?] Nutcrackers And Them Box Coolers
Mix The Henny Wit’ The Wine Coolers
Gettin’ Benjie Wit’ The Brodies
Fronto Wit’ The Sour
Ol’ Heads Freak The Bogies
See The Oops
Quick To Spin A Block In A Stolie
G Check Him If He Claim He Homie
We Ain’t Jacking Phonies
I’m Grown Now
Had To Go And Plain Jane A Rollie
Cut Ties Wit’ A Lot Of Guys And I’m Ok Wit’ It
Heard He Did Some Foul Shit And Lied
I’mma Pray For Him
Put A Watch On A Nigga Wrist
He Said They Stole It
Nah, I Put A Watch On That Nigga Wrist
And He Sold It

I Feel Sorry For Niggas That Disrespect Me
Like I Ain’t Got Niggas Here To Protect Me
Still Got Them Hittas On The Right And The Lefty
My Glock Is My Bestie
I’m Back In My Hefty
The Money Like “Come An Collect Me”
And My B!tch From Compton
She Hood And She S*xy
Cook Clean S*x Me
The Way To Impress Me
No Yes Men Around Me
’cause If I’m Wrong Correct Me
Don’t Wanna Talk About What You Got
’cause If You Got It Connect Me

I’m The Plug, I Don’t Need A Plug
Just Respect Me I Don’t Need The Love
Been Through A Lot I Probably Need A Hug
So Many Scars
Man, It’s Hard Not To See The Blood
Came From The Mud
It’s Kinda Hard Not To Be A Thug

I’m Still Putting Belt The A*s
Still, Blue Faces When I Count The Cash
Fresh Hunts Came In Counting Fast
Just Hold Whole Summer I’m About To Have
And All That Bullshit They Rapping Bout
It Ain’t About The Last

Thought That I Was Dying
When They See Me With Them Yellow Eyes
Surprised Motherfu*ers I’m A Alive
God Wasn’t Finished With Me
Got Some More Shit To Do Had To Tell My Side

Open Scars Was The Interlude
Listen To The Music
I Ain’t ’bout To Do Them Interviews
Don’t Worry ’bout What Happened
Just Be Worried What I’m Finna Do
If They Ain’t Talkin’ Money
Cut ’em Off Like I’m [?] And If They Want War
We At Their Door Like The Rent Is Due

It’s 2024 And That’s My Mood, Aw Yeah
Got A Big Appetite
Y’all Niggas Food, Aw Yeah
I’mma UOA
Makin’ Moves, Aw Yeah
Out The Bank
Sayin’ I Can Never Lose, Aw Yeah
Man I Was Cool, Aw Yeah
Hittin’ Snooze, Aw Yeah
Like What, Fu*k That
I’m Breakin’ Rules, Aw Yeah
This The Shit I’m Finna Do, Aw Yeah
Collectin’ Blues, Aw Yeah

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LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “Watch” song?

Watch song lyrics written by Young M.A.

Who is the singer of the “Watch” song?

Watch song is sung by Young M.A.

Who is the music producer of the Watch song?

Mike Zombie produced Watch song music.

When was the Watch song released?

Watch the song was released on January 13, 2024.

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