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Milano Shotta Freestyle (English Translation) Song by Shiva: “Milano Shotta Freestyle” is a New Song by Shiva. Milano Shotta Freestyle (English Translation) Song was written by ​​​​​Shiva, FinesseGTB, and ZAZU, and the music was produced by FinesseGTB and ZAZU.

Shiva – Milano Shotta Freestyle (English Translation) Lyrics

Yo, Finesse, Get Them All Out
Bu-bu-boo, Bu-bu-boo
Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go
Uoh, Hey (Uoh), Hey (Uoh), Hey (Uoh)

I Speak Straight From Hell,
We Leave With Jackets For The Winter (Milan)
If You Put Mine On, The Stereo Freezes,
The War Starts With A Wave (This Is Milan)

I Have More Chains Than A Servant,
More Ak And Draco Fulete Than A Serbian (Santana)
We Really Live The War,
I Bought A “Shh” Before A Knife (Boo-boo)

Always On The Front Line, You Wait For Me,
You Know My Flow Causes More Deaths Than Fentanyl (That’s Right)
Each Switch Two Combs,
Your Death Costs One Hundred Cents (Exactly)

Brothers Stuck In Head Blocks
Down Like Inside The Tarot (Bu-bu)
You Know, What I Say Is For A Few,
You Can See The Devil In My Eyes (Come On)

Let’s Smoke I Back’ Solo Double,
At The Top Of The Scene, High As A Penthouse (Up)
Let’s Spit Out Dragon Smoke,
The Stick Like The Cup Because It’s Always Full (Pew, Pew, Pew)

They Think We’re Doing Lackin’,
You Should Have Seen How They Escaped (Ahahah)
Santana Responds To Attacks,
You Took More Shots Than Drunks (Milan) (Uh-uh)

Oaky, Okay, I’m Frozen Like Hockey, Hockey (Uh-uh)
My Face On The Banknotes, It Raises Dust And Is Not Ok
Four Chains Make A Million (Milli, Milli),
My Neck Weighs More Than A Drone
On The Bars I Have The Verified,
Always A Shooter Behind (Bu-bu-bu-bu), Yeah, Yeah

I Swear, I Still Have More To Give You,
We Live In Chaos Protected By Angels (Westside)
Armani Bulletproof,
Up In The Sky Like Birds Of Prey, Here With Me Stray Dogs

Sparks Under The Car,
Witcha The Button To Do The Burst (Crrah, Crrah)
In The West It Seems Like Afghanistan To Me,
You And Me, We Meet In The Afterlife (I Swear To God)

In The Jungle Like Simba,
Masked Like An Inca, Yeah (Pow), Yeah (Pow)
Long Jackets So Nothing Is In Sight,
We Hit Whoever Points To Us (Pow, Pow)

They Know We Don’t Pretend,
Di Topo I Only Have The Gray Mercedes (Milan)
I Mix Potions And I’m Not A Wizard,
Fuck You And Talk From A Ouija (Tu-tu, Pussy) (This Is Milan)
Seh, Seh, Soon You’ll Understand That I Always Keep
The Stick As If I Were Blind (Haha)

And That Milan Is Violent, But The War Is Against The System
They Want To See Us On The Ground, Then Hit Us In The Back
(I Still Got Some, I Still Got Some, I Still Got Some) Hey
Digos Checks In The Garden,
Every Time He Comes We Lose Two Stickies (I Swear To God)

I Move In The Dark Between Pushers And Vampires,
On The Neck There Is The Mark Of Their Incisors (Exactly)
Yes, I’m Very Angry, I Vent,
I’ll Drop Four Albums In The Year (That’s Right)

Doesn’t Fu* Whether It’s Right Or Wrong While
My Lawyer Tells Me He’s Exhausted (Milan)
Corsico Is The Home Of Demons,
Never Beeffo Against Weaker Rappers (Santana)

Don’t Read My Thoughts,
I’ve Got A Closet Full Of Fendis And Skeletons (Pew, Pew, Pew)
We Know Who The Instigator Was,
He’s Locked In The House With Seven Warrants (Uoh, Uoh)

God Sent Us Insects To Crush,
Do You Understand Why
I’m In Good Times And Bad (Let’s Go, Let’s Go)

Whoa, Santana Gang
Eagle Business, Westside

Milano Shotta Freestyle Song Credits:

Song: Milano Shotta Freestyle (English Translation)
Band/Singer: Shiva
Lead Vocals: Shiva
Written By: Shiva, FinesseGTB & ZAZU
Music Produced By: FinesseGTB & ZAZU
Music Label: Shiva
Featuring Artist: Shiva
Song Language: Italian
Music Video Director: Ivano Robustellini
Release Date:
January 9, 2024

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LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “Milano Shotta Freestyle” song?

Milano Shotta Freestyle song lyrics written by Shiva, FinesseGTB, and ZAZU.

Who is the singer of the “Milano Shotta Freestyle” song?

Milano Shotta Freestyle song is sung by Shiva.

Who is the music producer of the Milano Shotta Freestyle song?

FinesseGTB and ZAZU produced Milano Shotta Freestyle song music.

When was the Milano Shotta Freestyle song released?

Milano Shotta Freestyle the song was released on January 9, 2024.

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