Lippy Lyrics – Valiant (Teejay Diss)

Lippy Song by Valiant: “Lippy” is a New Song by Valiant. Lippy Song was written by ​​​​​Valiant, and the music was produced by ​Valiant.

Lippy Song Credits:

Song: Lippy
Band/Singer: Valiant
Lead Vocals: Valiant
Written By: Valiant
Music Produced By: Valiant
Music Label: Valiant
Featuring Artist: Valiant
Release Date:
January 21, 2024

Valiant – Lippy Lyrics

Me A Ring Ni Di New Year With A New Duppy
Me Make Eh Crime Scene Mucky Left Me Shoes Dutty
And This A Badman War Stop Move Slutty
Yuw Bumt Savannah Too Much B*mbocl**t Chatting

Too Much Media A War Time Pu*sy
Take Out Yuh Gun And War

A Di Rifle A Pick Him Up Wah Do Mickey Mouse
Drop A Bl**dclaat Bom Inna Yuh Sh*tty Mouth
Stop Jump Pon Live Gu*shot Me A Fling Eno
An We Nuh Run Inna No War Bigga Can Save Yuh

Him Wi Dead Inna Him Car No Weh No Too Far
Jah Jah Run Inna Him Yard Hollow Tip Inna Eh 40 A Greet Yuh
Headshot Step Inna Di War Wid Bl**dcl**t Facts Di
Don From South Gi Yuh Couple Hard Box

Logiks Fu*k Botty Yuh No Talk Bout Dat
Celine Tell Jaii Say Yuh Tongue Roughter Than C*ck
Who Nah Nuh Barbie Can Mention Dat
Don Lee Ketch Tiona A F*ck Yuh Wid Strap

A So Long Yuh A Fit Up Rifle Pu*sy Defend Yuh Dead Friend
Dem Romeich Spend Money Me Yuh Run Left Dem
Stop Talk Bout Money And Yuh Just Get Ben Pu*sy
Run From Atl Gone A Miami

Get Wawga Dung From Anxiety All When
Me Kill Big Yuh Nah Try A Thing Buss Up
Di K And Fu*k Up Di Fire Pin
Uptown, Express Yuh Self Timoya
Me Wah Yuh Fi Tell Whole Jamaica
Yuh Life Fu*k Dykes
It Boosts Yuh Nature And Di House
You A Post Di Loan Nuh Pay For

Aahhh Lippy Going Live Soon
Aahhh Only Mac A Make Yuh Find Tune
You And Such Man A Baboon
Extrensio Clip Press Eh Trigger
Make Yuh Headtop Drift
Can Start War And Move Like B!tch
Whatever Yuh A Drink And A Puff Inna Yuh Spliff

Merino Dirt And No Grave Never Dig
Stop Talk Bout Mobay Weh No Rate
Yuh Shanique Piss Inna Yuh Face
And Yuh Can Go A Pain Town
Homestead Ano Play Ground

17 Inna Di Clip Yeah We Know You A Snitch
Yuh No Bad A Yuh Lip Nuh Call Him Chippy Him A B!tch
Fi Di War Him No Fit A Wah Do Some Pu*sy Bad
We Bad An A Nuh Hand Bag We Grab Pu*sy

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LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “Lippy” song?

Lippy song lyrics written by Valiant.

Who is the singer of the “Lippy” song?

Lippy song is sung by Valiant.

Who is the music producer of the Lippy song?

Valiant produced Lippy song music.

When was the Lippy song released?

Lippy the song was released on January 21, 2024.

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