Chapter 2 Lyrics – Teejay (Valiant Diss)

Chapter 2 Song by Teejay: “Chapter 2” is a New Song by Teejay. Chapter 2 Song was written by ​​​​​Teejay, and the music was produced by ​Teejay.

Chapter 2 Song Credits:

Song: Chapter 2
Band/Singer: Teejay
Lead Vocals: Teejay
Written By: Teejay
Music Produced By: Teejay
Music Label: Teejay
Featuring Artist: Teejay
Release Date:
January 20, 2024

Teejay – Chapter 2 Lyrics

Since A Hero Yuh Wah Fi Be Me Ago Murder Yuh And
Yuh Family Stop Call Up Big Woman Name Inna Song
Little Bwoy Wid Dat Yuh Wah War Chippy And
Yuh No Badman Dawg Nuh Hard Fi See

Mi Rifle Lift Up No Man No Bawl To Me
Since Everyman Round Yuh Deh Gwaan Boomy
Me Have A Grenade Right Now Me Wah Pull
Eh Yuh Boss Never Tell Yuh How Chippy Dem Stay


Nuh Diss A Badman From Bay Can Bad Mi Up A Game
Yuh Deh Play Yuh Big Mickey Mac Never Buss A AK
A Lone Badness Deh Inna Me DNA From Me
Was A Juvenile Now Me Stay Same Way
Look How Me Siddung And A Premeditate Scrap
Dung Di Rifle And Fit It Up Same Day

Come A Talk Bout Unu Richer Than Man A From
‘018 Teeje A Buy Land
Me No Know A Who A Boost Up Eh Likkle Man A Sing
Bout Gle And Yuh Can’t Post One


Aye Boy Tell Dem A Weh Yuh Get Eh Flow From Aahh
Member Yuh Sing Over My Song
A Talk Bout How Yuh Fu*k Barbie Nuh Know Bout Dat
Only Ting Weh Yuh Fu*k A Pretty Don

Make Eh Rifle Go Calla A Click Click Pow
Chippy Dem Shot All Di Building Down
Tell Dem Say I Am The King Town
So Me Lift Up Di Glock And Me Rinse It Out


Somebody Tell Valiant Di Big Shit House
Say Me Kill Cat And Me Still Skin Mouse
Fire Blow Like A Dragon When It Spit Out
Tell Dem Say Badman No Fling Big Stone

Me Make Eh Place Hot Like Lava Di Chip
Glock A Change Up Like Transformer
Me Kill Everybody Me No Long Talker
Me Slick Like Di Riddim Yuh Thief From Carter

Hold On Pon Eh Trigger Squeeze Shot Faster
Them Me Make It Run Yuh Dung Like Asafa
Eh Name Weh Yuh Call A Me Little Daughter
No Make Me Brain Boil Like Hot Water

A Who? Unu Fi Know Weh Unu A Do Cah Man
We Kunk Uno Not A Killer, Punk Unu, Unu A Pu*sy

“Childer Gather Round No Retreat No Surrender”

Try No Make Eh Rifle Tun On Shot Swell
Him Up Like Hippopotamus Left Him
Body Inna Di Back A Di Bus
Say Yuh Bad Weh Me Knife, Weh Me Knife Stab Him
Up Make Boy Blood Lead Out Inna Granny Cup
A Utc Una Can Manage Us A Ashes To Ashes
Gi Bwoy An Eh Dust Plug Out Yuh Studio

Nuh Bother Go Sing No More Song
Tell Eh Engineer Fi Wrap It Up Tell Dem Fi Siddung
Mine Me Lift Me Gun No Bwoy Outta Road
Cyaah Box Chippy Dung All When
A 100 A Dem A Mi Son Dem A Sen
Nuh Bwoy Coulda Never Make Me Run Pu*sy
Dem Act Like Say A Di Fuss Dem A See Gun
Dem No See Me Just Murder Dem Fi Fun Coloumbian
Neck Tie Me Wi Cut Di Tongue
Them Me Bun Up Bwoy Body Wid Di Num

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LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “Chapter 2” song?

Chapter 2 song lyrics written by Teejay.

Who is the singer of the “Chapter 2” song?

Chapter 2 song is sung by Teejay.

Who is the music producer of the Chapter 2 song?

Teejay produced Chapter 2 song music.

When was the Chapter 2 song released?

Chapter 2 the song was released on January 20, 2024.

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