Chapter 1 Lyrics – Teejay (Valiant Diss)

Chapter 1 Song by Teejay: “Chapter 1” is a New Song by Teejay. Chapter 1 Song was written by ​​​​​Teejay, and the music was produced by ​Teejay.

Chapter 1 Song Credits:

Song: Chapter 1
Band/Singer: Teejay
Lead Vocals: Teejay
Written By: Teejay
Music Produced By: Teejay
Music Label: Teejay
Featuring Artist: Teejay
Release Date:
January 19, 2024

Teejay – Chapter 1 Lyrics

Any Bowy Leak Man Voice Note A Informer
Yuh Nuh Gangster, Nuh Gangster Rate Unu
Bex Unu Bex, God Know A Drift Start All A Dis
Yuh Zimi Ah Seh Some Bwoy Nuh Wah We Rich

A Matter Of Fact Me Aguh Tell Eeh’
Truth Tuh From Face Bomboole Bwoy A Way Duh Unu

A UTC Man Uptop Camp A Matter A Fact
Me Aguh Just Tell Eeh’ Ole A Unu Me Mind
Me Done Dark Fi Days, Dark Fi Days, Dark Fi Days

Could Somebody Please Warn Suck Pu*sy Valiant
You And You Select A Friend Just A Copy Man
Don’t Diss Teejay Likkle Youth Me Will
Shot Di Hat Offa Yuh Head Weh Yuh Kotch Eeh’ Pan

Tell Dem Chippy, Dem A Action Movie Pu*sy Dem
A Comedy Show Like Jackie Chan
Two Gun Man Pull Up Inna Di Allion Rifle A Wave
And A Wave And A Knock It And Me

Me Will Mek Shot Grage Him Don’t Dis Man
A Bay Or From Grange Hill
Di Two Policeman Weh You A Par Wid
And Di Fat Manager Bwoy Cannot Save Him

Mi A Top Man Inna Me Place Neva Run Left Dat
Dis Is Not Beijing
A Bay Gunshot When Di Glock Waving
Cah Ketch Me Dance Caah Me Not Raving

Since A Me Unu Wah Fi Come Save Dem
Drop A Bomb Inna Di Entertainment
Chop Off Di Dress Meke Hand Suh She Cah
Mek No Suit Fi Guh Down Inna Di Grave Den

And Me Know Everybody Pick Side
Suh Me Pick Eeh’ Bottle Service Gyal And Nuh Pay Dem
Unu Know Me A Real Bad Bwoy
None A Unu Gah Gimmi Chat Inna Di Place Dem

A Bad From When A One Pop,
Nuh Bwoy Cah Go Di Don Chat
Me Will Trail Yuh Car Me G Like
Scarface But Me Ago Blast Up Everyman Inna Dat

Me Nuh Fiah Blank Shot
Bwoy See Me And Swear Seh A Antracks
Shorrt Big Man Mek Dem Shit Up Dem Self
Docta Affi Put Them Inna Pampas

A Long Time Me A Buy Gun
Di Aguh Mek Bygone Be Gygone
Nuh Bwoy Gaah Dis Me And Get Weh
Afta Me Nuh Idiot Like Byron
Me Nuh Use Strength Like Samson
4-4 Magnum Buss It Like Charles Grandson
Raise Up Di Fu*king Tom Thompson
Outa Dis World Bwoy Delete Life Cancel

Nuh Inna The Grab Up And Thumping Bwoy
Copper Grab Up And Thump Him Bite Head Like A Dumpling
Remington Cunk Him, Like It’s Kangaroo
Suh Fu*king Brain Jumping
Me Nuh Stone Cold Or Rock, Me Nuh Throw Stone Or
Rock Beritha Chrome Or Black
Me Pull Up A Yuh Door Me A Knock
A Pure Gunshot Inna Yuh Head A Yuh Dome Me A Crack

Rifle Lift Up A Squeeze, Please Nuh Mek Me Tek Pan Unu
Hey Bwoy Hey Inu Nuh Bad Talk Unu A Talk
How Yuh Fi Dis Di Gad Unu Mad Somboole
Sence Yuh Nuh Have

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LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “Chapter 1” song?

Chapter 1 song lyrics written by Teejay.

Who is the singer of the “Chapter 1” song?

Chapter 1 song is sung by Teejay.

Who is the music producer of the Chapter 1 song?

Teejay produced Chapter 1 song music.

When was the Chapter 1 song released?

Chapter 1 the song was released on January 19, 2024.

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