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AMORES (English Translation) Song by Alemán: “AMORES” is a New Song by Alemán. AMORES (English Translation) Song was written by ​​​​​Alemán, and Phul King Fu produced the music.

Alemán – AMORES Lyrics In English Translation

In Life There Are Loves That Can Never Be Forgotten
(Hey, Yeah Yeah, Yao)
(Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yah-yah-yah, Yao)

Daughter Of Your Fu*king Mother, Look How You Left Me
Regretful You Cried To Me, I Already Told You, You Screwed Up
Nice When You Arrived, After A While You Took Out
The Real You And The Money You Fell In Love With
I Already Called The Tailor About A Minute Ago
So That He Can Make Me A Fu*king Suit Because I’m In Mourning
And On The Fucking Grave Of This Love I Spit
Because You Are A Bitter Pill That Tasted Very Bad To Me, Fu*k!

-They can Forget
(I Used To Love All The-, Fu*k You)
(they Need People Like Me-)
(shut Your Mouth, You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About)
(and Say “That’s The Bad Guy”)
(adapted From A True Story)
(the Eyes Boy, They Never Lie)
(-you Know What A Love Letter Is?
Is A Bullet From A Fu*king Gun)

In Life There Are Loves That Are Never Forgotten
Like The Love Of The Street, Rap And The Scene
Turn Up The Horn,
I Returned To The Neighborhood And Look For Adrenaline
Take Out The After Or Some Canteen
At The Party There Is A Toast And I Am Looking For A Pretty Girl
Also A Lot Of Money So That It Works For Me
The Love Of Ink, Graffiti, Good Tapes
Back To Walking Around The City Like Ninjas

-They can Forget
(small Eyes Never Lie)
(hey, Don’t Want To Go Overboard, Do You Hear Me?)
(they Need People Like Me To Point Their Damn Fingers,
And-, And-, And Say “That’s The Bad One.” And What Are You? Good?)
(Say Goodnight To The Bad Guy)

‘I’m Married To Your Body
They Can Forget

AMORES Song Credits:

Song: AMORES (English Translation)
Album: Confesiones
Band/Singer: Alemán
Lead Vocals: Alemán
Written By: Alemán
Music Produced By: Phul King Fu
Music Label: Homegrown Entertainment
Featuring Artist: Alemán
Release Date:
January 2, 2024

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LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “AMORES” song?

AMORES song lyrics written by Alemán.

Who is the singer of the “AMORES” song?

AMORES song is sung by Alemán.

Who is the music producer of the AMORES song?

Phul King Fu produced AMORES song music.

When was the AMORES song released?

AMORES the song was released on January 2, 2024.

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