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Open Scars Song by Young M.A: “Open Scars” is a New Song, sung by Young M.A. Open Scars Song was written by ​​​​​RajahWild, and the music was also produced by​ ​Tash and Nico Baran.

Young M.A – Open Scars Lyrics

No Love Lost
It Was Never Love
I Lost Sight
Found God
A More Better Love
I Ain’t Never Went Soft
I’m Forever Thug
And You Ain’t God
So You Could Never Judge

I Had Guys I Called Brothers
Leave Me In The Storm
That’s Why My Heart Still Cold
Even When It’s Warm
All Of A Sudden They Forget
Like I Ain’t Put Em On
And Never Had To Owe Me Shit
I Did It Off The Arm


Still Fighting Demons
Ducking Bullets
Pulling Thorns
It’s Funny How They Still Sleep
Like I Ain’t Blowing Horns
This Female Look Like A Male
Like Is Something Wrong
Nah Still Suck My D!ck B!tch
Nothings Wrong
This Whole Industry Is Rigged
I Don’t Need Awards
I Done Things Never Did
And Still Don’t Get Applaud
Like I Ain’t Got W’s Across The Fu*king Board
And My Mom Became The Goat When I Was Fu*king Born
And I’m Only 5’7
But My Gun Is 5’2
It’s Red Lyfe Till I Die
But My Jewelry Sky Blue
I Don’t Need Material Shit
My Aura Could Shine Too
Big Motion
Punching The Clock Till My Times Due
And Anything Making Me Wealthy
I’m Doing It Times 2
Big Healthy
No Liquor
Just Water And Lime Juice
No More Drugs
Something I Put My Spirit And Mind To


I Feel Like Something Is Always Missing
No Matter How Much I Do
How Much I Succeed
I Always Feel Like It’s Never 100%
That’s What Makes Me Have That Feeling
That Is When I First Experienced What Death Really Is
A Part Of You Died With Your Brother?
Right… Bascially

For The Past Three Years I Let My Fans Down
I Lost Faith And I Couldn’t Understand How
I Had To Go And Free My Mind
And Let My Hair Down
Without The Henny I See Everything Clear Now
It’s Something About The Industry
It Feel Weird Now
It’s Like The Music Ain’t Music
It Ain’t Hittin Like
You Don’t Feel It Like
It’s Like They Don’t Care Now
It’s Just Something For You To Hear Now
It’s Like The World Shifted
Too Much Confusion
And When I Lost The Passion For Music
Is When My World Ended
I Was Distracted By Trauma
All Of The Drama
From Girlfriends
To My Momma
Fu*kin My Mind Up
To Hurting My Health
And Seeing Doctors
Down To About 4, 5, 6 Friends On The Roster
It’s Funny When You Lit
It’s A Whole Line Up
But This Is Part Of The Game
I Took The Pen And I Signed Up
Broke Up With Depression
Let Go My Anxiety
Turn My Back On The Devil
And Neglect The Society
Face A Reality
Accepting The Pain Inside Of Me
No More Judging My Honesty
No More Judging My Honesty
Recovery On Velocity
The Liquor Wasn’t Hiding My Pain
It Was Hiding Me
Looking At Life Like
Why Would You Lie To Me?
Like Why Would You Lie To Me?
Spirit Crack
Heart Broke
My Love Was On Modesty
Decaying My Quality
Decreasing My Quantity
Catching Up To My Truths
Finally Meeting My Prophecy
I Swear To God
Life Was Kicking My A*s
May Seem Like I Had It Good
But Mentally It Was Bad
Just To Get My Brother Back
I’ll Give Up All Of This Cash
And I’ll Buy A Flight
Just To Take A Trip To The Past
Trust Issues Won’t Change
That’s Just Something I Have
I Keep A Lawn Mower
Just To See The Snakes In The Grass
And I Build A Fence
Just To Keep The Snakes In The Grass
And I Keep A Hawk
Just To Eat The Snakes In The Grass
Down On My Deathbed
But God Healing My Fast
He Got Other Plans For Me
This Just Part Of The Task
Smiling Was A Disguise
There Was Tears Under That Mask
Suffocating Inside For Years
Under That Mask
No Regrets
Cause When I Lost Love
I Found Peace
When I Finally Dug Deep Nigga
I Found A Beast
Since 2020 I Was Losing
I Was Down Three
I Locked In
Finished The Album In 9 Weeks
The Streets Hungry
As Soon As I’m Cooking
The Town Eats
Only My N*Gas At The Table
Cause They Found Seats
Heal First
Find Peace
Find Keys
Mind Free
First Step
Find God
Next Step
Find Me

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Open Scars Song Credits:

Song: Open Scars
Band/Singer: Young M.A
Lead Vocals: Young M.A
Written By: Young M.A
Music Produced By: Tash & Nico Baran
Music Label: Young M.A
Featuring Artist: Young M.A
Music Video Director: Marc Diamond
Release Date:
December 9, 2023

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Who wrote the lyrics to the “Open Scars” song?

Open Scars song lyrics written by Young M.A.

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Open Scars song is sung by Young M.A.

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Open Scars the song was released on December 9, 2023.

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