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FN 8 (English Translation) Song by Arcángel: “FN 8” is a New Song, sung by Arcángel. FN 8 Song was written by ​​​​​Arcángel, and the music was produced by​ D-Note “The Beatllionare”.

Arcángel – FN 8 Lyrics In English

Austin, You Are Sleeping In A Deep Sleep
I Just Wanna Tell You:
“When Did You Become Such An As*hole? Such A Coward?
The Years Have Slowed You Down A Bit
Do Me A Favor, Wake Up
Bastard, Wake Up”
Austin, You’ve Abandoned Me
Don’t You Believe In Me Anymore?
I’ve Always Stood Up For You
I’ve Always Been There For You
I’ve Always, Always, Always Been Killing Bugs With You
For More Than A Decade (Decade)
Remember (Remember?)
I Don’t Mention Them For You (No)
Where Am I (Where Am I?)
You Kept Me (You Kept Me), You Left Me (You Left Me-)
D-note Is On The Beat
The Beatllionare
For What? (Hahahahaha)
Uh (Hahaha, Hahaha; Mmm)

And As Always A Merry Christmas (Feliz)
From The Highest Floor Of The Building (Ah)
Where There Is No Force Of Gravity (No)
And I’ve Been Here So Long It Feels Like
I’ve Cast A Spell (What Was It?)
I Feel Like I’m Suffocating
Two Million Dollars In Lien And
None Of The Diamonds Are Fictitious (No)
The Austin Of Before, The Austin Of Now (Yeah)
The Austin That From Far Away’ Follows Them (Ja)
The Same Austin That If He Rides The Locomotive Again
The Motor Root Is That We Know Who They Are From Cora
Money? Check, Cunts? Check (Ah-ah)
As My Brother Tali Says (Oh, Hey)
We Locate You, Check; We Answer, Check
And You’re As White As What’s On The Cali Cartel (Yeah; Wuh)
Good Night, Good Afternoon, Good Morning (Yes)
Andamo’ Con La Pámpara Prendía’ (Ah)
Two Or Three Got Excited Because The Elf Wasn’t Coming Out
And I’m Flying The World High Without Rosalie
Mala Mia, I Had To Do It So I Could Locate You’ (Ah)
When You Were The Moco’ I Was Doing Ticket (Hey)
When Everything For You Was Just A Dream (Dream)
I Already Owned This Genre (Ah)
La Ma, I Bury You Under The Grass (Ah-ah)
All Who Knows You Knows That You’re My Mother (Uh)
Don’t Snore At Me, You Ain’t Made For This Drama (No)
Unhappy, Fu*k You With Everything And Fame (Pro)
Still Cold, I Fight For Your Block And Mine
But Why Don’t You Come Down? You’re Forbidden
No Eres Grato, Darte E’ Como Abusar Con Un Tecato
If It’s For Me Come Back And Breathe, I Don’t Fu*k With Snitches (Yeah)
Wow, They Wanted Me To Be Emperre (-perre)
The Pencil’s Kicking Like An R (Rrr)
Motherfu*ker, You’re A Gangster?
But When? At The Beginning Or At The End? (Lambón)
I Don’t Know About You, But I’ve Never Pa’o Pa’o Enter Pr (Never!)
I’m The Eye Of The Goose, Did You Hear That, Vermin?
No Te Fija’ Que Tiene’ A Un Chota Criando A Tu Hija (Ouh)
You Don’t Get Out, Motherfu*ker, You And Me Never Gonna Be The Same (No)
A Mí Me Escoltan Bandido’, A Ti Te Te Escoltan Los Federale’ (Yes)
Oh, Yeah, Bastard That I’m Chota? Oh, Yeah?
Well, Show Your Brother Robgz’s Papers (I Saw Them)
El Duende Ya Me Dijo Que No Los Dejan Tranquilo’
(The Elf Already Told Me Not To Leave You Alone)
Y Que Te Estás Intoxicando Metidote Fentanyl (Smell It, Faggot, Smell It)
Remember, From Chamaquito I Kill Them Alone
Without Having To Put Up With Any Little Buggers
And Go Ahead And Pay What You Owe Tito (Yeah)
My Money Is Fat And Fat, Yours Is Finito (The End)
He Doesn’t Have Prote Anymore,
He’s Passing Prote, He Blows (Uh)
You See Me And Your A*s Is Bleeding, Put On A Kotex (Hey)
I Got A Comb And A Mixed Bullet, Explode Like A String (Prr!)
And I’m Sucking You To’as Pa’l Cocote (Yes), Lambebicho (Prra)


You Didn’t Imagine That I Was Gonna Be Part Of
Your Favorite Saga (Because You Know), Hahahahahahaha
What’s That I Said, Brother? (I’m Your Teacher, Motherfu*ker)
Merry Christmas, Chorro ‘e Cabrone’, Ja


Back To The Start
These Bullets Are Going Through Your Tank (Dad)
I Hope After This One You Don’t Get Tranque’ (Please)
Motherfu*ker, When You Were Born
I Was About Twenty Steps Ahead (You Know)
That’s Why I Don’t Capeo Your Gangster Movie (Never)
Money? Check, Cojones? Check
And This Stick’s Got More Grease Than Mech-tech (Arr)
Jewelers Got You From As*hole, Check (You Know)
Charging You From Mom’ And Putting Diamond’ Fake On You (Haha)
You’re Just A Simple As*hole With A Delusional Bully (Bully)
He’s Got To’ Your Corillo Fu*kin’ Pon (Pa)
No Credibility (No) Since
You Pa’ Pa’ Pa’ Pa’ Entra El Calentón (Yeah, Yeah)
Who Are The Gods (Yeah, Yeah)
One’s A Chota, The Other’s A Bugarron (Haha; Wuh)
I Already Broke Your Tribe,
I Continue With The Trophy Like The Drawing
Even Austincito’s Media
They’re Worth More Than Your Reebok Outfit (Oblige’o)
Real Till Death, Bastard, You Ain’t Real
Your Latest Songs Are From Artificial Intelligence
You’re Staying In The Quiri, Prostituting Amiri
You’re Lambebicho, Huelebicho, Siri Told Me So
You Ain’t The God Of Trap, You Ain’t The God Of Trap, You A Trili
And You Like Women With More Miles Than A Spirit Plane (Wuh)
In Rd I Always Walk With Gun In Hand (Mano)
Because I Got A Paisano Who’s A Worm (Gusano)
Motherfu*ker, I Ain’t Gonna Hold Your Hand Again (Neverland)
Cause You’re The Dominican R Kelly (Pedophile; Wuh)
And Is It A Lie That Only With Menore’ You Singa’?
And Is It A Lie That You Have A Disease?
Is That A Lie? You’re Not Street, Don’t Run To No One.
It’s Not A Lie, I Got The Facts Of Your Truth
(Wuh, Wuh), Prra (Wuh, Wuh)

You Don’t Have To Do It On A Humble Level,
Gives Your Respect To A Bastard (Why’d You Give It To Him?)
That Every Time He Messes With Molly Four Times
Expires In A Foam Cup (It’s Never Been Me)
Gives It To You, Brother, Haha (All The Time You’ve Been A Leather)
I Don’t Understand What Obsession It Is
But Don’t Get Excited (Juju)
That You What You Deserve’ Is What I
I Just Did To You (Castígalo, Castígalo; Más Na’)

How I’m Going to War With a Bastard
Who Argues With My Son (You Know My Offering)
Who Has No More Ticket Than Me
And Looks Like A Lizard (You Know My Offering)
And The Other One Snoring At Me, You Don’t Have A Ball
Lambebicho, You Got Yourself A
Case For Carrying A Gun (Ah; I Came Back To You)
And So You Snore, You Don’t Get Off Or Ride Me.
You And Your Silly Mafia Can Suck My D!ck (Auh)
Hey, He’s On The Street, He Got Caught With A Glock
And When He Was In Prison He Was Getting Fu*ked
And They Took His Crocs (Ju)
You’re A Joke (Joke)
Your Snoring Is Very Bad (Bad)
You Don’t Kill People, Emmanuelita, You Don’t Jala’ (Jala’)
I That You Turn Off The Phone, Inhale And Exhale (Ah)
And if it goes down for Puerto Rico,
Traéte El Tanque ‘e Aprueba ‘e Bala (Traélo)
Lambedor, Yo Te Vo’a Presentar Tus Fine’ (I Will Present Your Fine’)
Blowing Bichote’ Already Has A Guinness Record (How Many Is That?)
Really If You’re Street, Don’t Be So Detailed
And Do Something To Those Who Shot Up
Your House In Jardine’ (Didn’t You Do Anything?)
Motherfu*ker, What You Gonna Do? You Don’t Like Killing (What Is?)
You Were The Clown And The Mockery Of The Farc (Mmm-mmm)
I Never Paid For Prote And That’s Never Gonna Happen (No)
Literally, What You Are Is A Scumbag With No Morals
And This One’s In The Name Of My Brother Justin’s Saint (Amen)
When They Ask: “Who Killed You? Everybody Shout: “Austin” (Amen)
The One Who Started It All, Motherfu*ker


“My Favorite Artist In Spanish Is Romeo (Mmm?)
And In English, My Favorite Rapper Is 6Ix9Ine, Pa’ Que Sepan”

Hahahaha, Auh
Look How Ironic Life Is (Like E’?)
That That’s The Same One That’s Teaching Your Daughter
To Swim To Your Daughter (In Punta Cana)
Let’s Go, Huelebicho (On A Yacht), Hahahahaha
What’s He Coming To Be? Your Favorite Rapper? (Also)
Your Enemy, And Your Compadre? (Oh, Jo)
What The Fu*k? Wow
But Isn’t Your Favorite Rapper Me?
What A Circle Of Love, Hahaha (What A Circle Of Love)
La Marizon, Mamabicho
And Listen What I’m Gonna Tell You (Tell You)
Before You Say Fu*k Me, Motherfu*ker
Remember That When You ‘tabas
Caga’o In Pr The One Who Was With The Police (Yes)
And Federale’ As Escort Was You (I Remember)
And There’s The Lambebicho’ That’s Telling Me
Sayin’ To Me Chota They Didn’t Say Nothin’ To You
Even With An Ambulance I Walked (Ah)
What a Gufia’o (In Case Something Happened, You Know’)
Can You Guys Miss Me? (Haha)
Or Am I Supposed To Be Quiet? (Haha)
Motherfu*ker, Now That Time Has Changed (Mera, Cab*on)
And More If You’ Are What They Are Pelao’
(And More If You’re What You’re Peeling)
(I’m Going To Tell You Something), Hahaha
Santurce Is With Me When The Bell Tolls (Yessir)
Instead, You, Illegitimate Son (Prra),
Nastardo De Torres’ and Sabana (Okey, Okey)
Cause You Ain’t From There (Stop, Stop)
You’re From Broad Street, From Country Club,
From Back There (From Back There)
You Were Going There To Smoke Marijuana,
Bastard (Yeih, For The New Generation)
You Don’t Believe Me? Gimme A Break, Okey
Papi, I Represent One Of The Finest Corillo’s In Puerto Rico
I Am Juth And You Recognize’ My Voice
I Am A Legend Of Torres ‘e Sabana
And I Claim That You Don’t Represent It
So I Know, Okay? Haha
Arca, Do What You Want
Hello? Hello? Oh
I Called Myself, Haha
Want Me To Tell You What I Think Of You, Motherfu*ker?
I’m Going To
I’m Gonna Tell You What I Think Of You,
Motherfu*ker I’m Coming, Motherfu*ker I’m Coming
Enough, I’m Tired Of You, Hahahahaha
I’m Coming, Motherfu*ker, I’m Coming
Aka Archangel “The Wonder”, Your Master, Yeah
I’m Looking For The Video Where He Says It
But Since You Are A Crazy Man, Bastard
And You Think You Need To Suck It Up
Lies, Lies Of The Devil, Haha
Straight From The Calm Suite, Yessir
Santurce In The House, Puerto Rock, Shit
Where Are You From? Well, That’s In Doubt Now
Well, You Are Puerto Rico
But Puerto Rico Don’t Want You
You’re In Miami, You’re A Fool
You’ve Got A Couple Of People
Who Are With You, Living It Up With You
And That Which Goes To Show That Your
Street Business Isn’t Doing So Well For You
Hahahahaha, No Need To Mention You, Bi
If Your Name Is Like Your Pocket,
You Don’t Need To Be Mentioned.
Your Pocket Is, Hahahahahahahaha
In The Name Of The Father (Christmas),
Of The Son (Merry Christmas) And Of The Holy Spirit,
And Of Justin (The Eight), Amen (Eight)
The Beatllionare

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FN 8 Song Credits:

Song: FN 8 (English Translation)
Band/Singer: Arcángel
Lead Vocals: Arcángel
Written By: Arcángel
Music Produced By: D-Note “The Beatllionare”
Music Label: Arcángel
Featuring Artist: Arcángel
Release Date:
December 10, 2023

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Who wrote the lyrics to the “FN 8” song?

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FN 8 the song was released on December 10, 2023.

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