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Maybe Man Song by AJR: “Maybe Man” is a New Song, sung by AJR. ​Maybe Man Song was written by ​​​​​Adam Met, Jack Met, and Ryan Met, and the music was produced by​ ​Ryan Met.

AJR – Maybe Man Lyrics

Wish I Was A Stone So I Couldn’t Feel
You’d Yell In My Face, It’d Be No Big Deal
But I’d Miss The Way We Make Up And Smile
Don’t Wanna Be Stone, I Changed My Mind

I Wish I Had Eyes In The Back Of My Head
Then I Could See The Places I’ve Been
But Then I Would Know That You’re Talkin’ Shit
I Don’t Wanna Know What My Friends Think


Wish I Were My Dog Out On The Lawn
I’d Be So Glad When I Hear You Come Home
But If I Were My Dog, I Wouldn’t Live Long
I’m Sure Gonna Miss Her When She’s Gone

I Wish I Could Act In A Show On Tv
’cause Then I Could Practice Not Bein’ Me
I’ll Practice My Cry, Put It Into My Reel
But You Won’t Believe Me When I Cry For Real


I Wish That My Brain Would Triple In Size
I’d Nail Every Joke, I’d Win Every Fight
But I’d Get Too Deep With That Kind Of Mind
I Don’t Wanna Know The Point Of Life

In Some Other Life, I Would Be Rich
I’d Travel In Style, I’d Cover The Bill
But Couldn’t Complain ’bout Anything Small
Nobody’d Feel Bad For Me At All


If I Was Cocaine Or A Bottle Of Jack
I’d Get Invited To Every Frat
But When You Get Old And Your Good Days Are Passed
You’ll Only Want Me When You’re Sad

Wish I Was A Song, Your Favorite One
You’d Follow The Dance To Me At Your Prom
I Would Be There When Your Baby Is Born
For Two Or Three Minutes, Then I’m Gone

I Wish I Was Big, As Big As My House
I’d Sleep On The Trees, I’d Skip Every Crowd
But I Wouldn’t Fit On My Therapist’s Couch
God, I Could Really Use Him Now

I Wish I Was God, I’d Never Trip Up
And If I Did, Well, So Fuckin’ What?
I Could Be Cruel And Break All Your Stuff
Yeah, I’d Be Loved No Matter What

But If I Was God, It’d Get Kinda Weird
’cause You Would Only Say What I Wanna Hear
And Then You Would Die, You’d Love Me To Death
I’d Never Know Who The Hell I Am

I Wish I Was Me, Whoever That Is
I Could Just Be And Not Give A Shit
Hey, I’ll Be Whatever Makes You A Fan
’cause I Don’t Know Who The Hell I Am

One, Two, Pandemonium
One, Two, Pandemonium
Here I Go Again
One, Two, Pandemonium
Here I Go Again
One, Two, Pandemonium
One, Two
Here I Go Again

Maybe Man Music Video

Maybe Man Song Credits:

Song: Maybe Man
Album: The Maybe Man
Band/Singer: AJR
Lead Vocals: AJR
Written By: Adam Met, Jack Met & Ryan Met
Music Produced By: Ryan Met
Music Label: AJR
Featuring Artist: AJR
Music Video Director: Edoardo Ranaboldo
Release Date:
November 10, 2023

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LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics to the “Maybe Man” song?

Maybe Man song lyrics written by Adam Met, Jack Met, and Ryan Met.

Who is the singer of the “Maybe Man” song?

Maybe Man song is sung by AJR.

Who is the music producer of the Maybe Man song?

Ryan Met produced Maybe Man song music.

When was the Maybe Man song released?

Maybe Man the song was released on November 10, 2023.