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Hazard Lights Song by Baby Gee: “Hazard Lights” is a New Song, sung by Baby Gee. ​Hazard Lights Song was written by ​​​​​Baby Gee, and the music was produced by​ Ymaddz.

Baby Gee – Hazard Lights Lyrics

They Think I’m Winning But Shit Just Started
Shit Look Good But I’m Still Guarded
Gang Is Gang But Niggas Is Heartless
We Lost Niggas Don’t Know What It’s Costing

We Park Niggas That Run With Your Bosses
Oh That’s Them Niggas? We Giving Them Losses
He Got A Job We On Like The Office
He Wanna Live Let’s See What He Offers


Keep Me A Knock And I’m 41K
Send A Emoji And I’m On The Way
Gun In The V And If He In The Way
He Get It The Worst And That’s On Gang


Back Of The Uber, I Lit It Up
Driver Was Tight, Don’t Give A Fu*k
I Got A Right To Do What I Want
If I Got A Pipe Then You Better

Always With Bro So You Better Duck
Believe In The Hype But You Better Dump
I Hope You Can Fight But Will Never Know
‘Cause Ain’t No One Talking But You Gonna Go

Aj Getting Tight, I Gotta Go Dumb
Jb Just Called, Came Home With A Drum
They Wanna War But Don’t Got The Funds
They Wanna Smoke But They Don’t Got The Lungs


Bullet Too Turnt Think He Need To Cool
Got It With Him On A Block After School
I Got A Problem With Following Rules
And I Got Some Hollows That’s Looking For You

Everyone Shaky When I’m In The Mood
You Know The Motto We Shoot Him In Two’s
Drillers In This Ride, You Gotta Choose
Started With Twitter Now He On The News

Sitting, Just Thinking Of Palm Trees
And A Couple Of Niggas Want Harm Me
But You Know We Roll With The Army
So Ima Just Roll Up A Marley

Me And Lil Mell Was Sharing Our Kicks
Ain’t Had Shit Was Sharing Them Fits
Then We Hit The Road Was Sharing Them Licks
When Half In A Row Was Sharing Them Sticks

Dripping In [?] To Cover My Scars
The Hood On My Back They Say I’m A Star
They Say I’m Close To Taking Them Far
Fu*k All My Opps They Ain’t Up To Par

And Do Not Try Me ‘Cause I’m Not In The Mood
Mell Came Home Started Shaking The Room
Rather Be Here Than The Visiting Room
All Of My Dawgs Gon’ Finish Their Food

Look I’m Tryna Tp But I’ma Lose It
This Shit Get Deeper Than Music
Niggas Be Worried ‘Bout Who I Get Cool With
Or Who I Be Up In The Stu’ With

Big Bro Said That I’m Sturdy
Made A Post, Gotta Watch How I Word It
Sometimes This Shit Feel Weird
When The Fans Show Love But Fu*k If I Earned It

Feel Lost I’m Upping The Ante
Word To Bro They Can’t Understand Me
The Closer I Get It My Dreams
The Further I Get From My Family

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Hazard Lights Song Credits:

Song: Hazard Lights
Band/Singer: Baby Gee
Lead Vocals: Baby Gee
Written By:
Baby Gee
Music Produced By: Ymaddz
Music Label: Baby Gee
Featuring Artist: Baby Gee
Release Date:
November 26, 2023

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Who wrote the lyrics to the “Hazard Lights” song?

Hazard Lights song lyrics written by Baby Gee.

Who is the singer of the “Hazard Lights” song?

Hazard Lights song is sung by Baby Gee.

Who is the music producer of the Hazard Lights song?

Ymaddz produced Hazard Lights song music.

When was the Hazard Lights song released?

Hazard Lights the song was released on November 26, 2023.

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