Starlit Lyrics – Aaron Smith

Starlit Song by Aaron Smith: “‎Starlit” is a Brand New Song, sung by Aaron Smith, Fortnite, Luvli, and KRONO. Starlit song lyrics were penned by Aaron Smith and the music was also produced by Epic Games, Aaron Smith, and KRONO.

Aaron Smith – Starlit Lyrics

Dancing In The Moonlight
Gazing At The Stars So Bright
Holding You Until The Sunrise
Sleeping Until The Midnight

Starlit Song Info:

Song: Starlit
Band/Singer: Aaron Smith, Fortnite, Luvli & KRONO
Lead Vocals: Aaron Smith, Fortnite, Luvli & KRONO
Written By: Aaron Smith
Music Produced By: Epic Games, Aaron Smith & KRONO
Music Label: Aaron Smith
Featuring Artist: Fortnite, Luvli & KRONO
Release Date: October 2, 2023

Starlit Music Video