Message From Weezy Lyrics – NLE Choppa Ft. Lil Wayne

Message From Weezy Song by NLE Choppa: “‎Message From Weezy” is a Brand New English Song, from the album “Cottonwood 2 Deluxe 2.0” sung by NLE Choppa and Lil Wayne. Message From Weezy song was written by NLE Choppa and Lil Wayne, with music produced by NLE Choppa and Lil Wayne.

NLE Choppa – Message From Weezy Lyrics

They Got A Lot Of Puccy Niggas Out Here
Got A Lot Of B!tch Niggas Out Here
Got A Lot Of Hoe Niggas Out Here, We Don’t Fu*k With ’em
My Nigga Chop’, He Cut From A Certain Cloth
A Lot Of You Niggas Don’t Know About That
A Lot Of Niggas Don’t Know About That Cloth
A Lot Of Niggas Don’t Know That Fabric,
Cause You Ain’t That Real, You’ll Never Be So
When I Meet A Nigga,
I Look A Nigga In The Eyes See What He Talkin’ ’bout,
See What He Is, Before He Even Say A Fu*kin’ Word
Homie Had To Say Nothing To Me I Knew
He Was Real, I Knew He Was Genuine
I Knew He Was A Good Nigga,
You Don’t Find Good Niggas No More
Cottonwood 2 Ho, Deluxe 2 Point Nugget, Again, Bi’atch
It’s Cottonwood 2 Ho, Deluxe 2.0, My Lil’ Bro, Choppa, Hol’ Up
We Got Eight Bullets On This One For You, You Know What I Mean?
Chop’, It’s About That Time To Kill A Motherfu*ker
Kill Him Again, Dead Again,
Don’t Spare Fu*king Soul On These Niggas Man
I Heard You Moved Back To The Trap For This One Too,
Your Old Hood, Huh, Just To Make This B!tch Right
The Fans Gon’ Fu*k With You,
They Won’t Be Disappointed With You, I Promise
Again, We Got Eight Bullets At Your Fu*king Head On This,
And This The Deluxe, Nigga
2.0 Cottonwood 2, You Already Know The Block, Nigga

Message From Weezy Music Video


Song Info:

Song: Message From Weezy
Album: Cottonwood 2 Deluxe 2.0
Band/Singer: NLE Choppa & Lil Wayne
Lead Vocals: NLE Choppa & Lil Wayne
Written By: NLE Choppa & Lil Wayne
Music Produced By: NLE Choppa & Lil Wayne
Music Label: No Love Entertainment & Warner Records
Featuring: NLE Choppa & Lil Wayne
Release Date: October 27, 2023

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