Let’s See Lyrics – YTB Fatt

Let’s See Song by YTB Fatt: “‎Let’s See” is a Brand New English Song, sung by YTB Fatt. Let’s See song was written by Cavon Paige and Klutch Frenchie, and the music was also produced by Klutch Frenchie.

YTB Fatt – Let’s See Lyrics

Fatt, What’s Up With You?
What’s Going On With It, Man? What You Doing Man?
Man, Where We At With It Man?
We In Memphis, Man. Fresh From West Memphis
Just Came ‘Cross The Bridge Right Quick To Fu*k With You
Fu*k You Talkin’ ‘Bout? Let’s Get Right Into It
I’m Ready, Man
Let’s Do It

I Don’t Know What These Niggas Talkin’ About, Fatt Been Had It
I Been Totin’ These Cannons
You Know That Hoe Want Me,
That’s Why You Holdin’ Her For Ransom
You Ain’t Ever Got Stopped By The Police
And Made A Bad A*s B!tch Put The Dope In Her Pant!es


Nigga, I Don’t Give A Fu*k ‘Bout This Cheese,
I’m Havin’ It, Give Her Four Thousand, I Ain’t Braggin’
But She Know This Shit Still Some Pimpin’,
That’s Why She Call Me “Daddy”
Nigga, My Hood Fu*ked Up, EvеRytime A Opp Die,
They Hit Thе Internet Laughing

4500 A P, This Ain’t Wet-Cake,
Nigga This Gumbo-Package
Walking Through The Airport Smelling Like Super Fly,
I Forgot To Seal That Package
Scrolling Through IG, See Me On SayCheese,
I Was Pick That Backend Up,
Shoot Back To The Jet, (Phew) Back To The Miami


Nigga, I Got BD’s Boppin’ They Head,
They Know This G Shit Slamming
7 For 14, Spent That G Shit Quick Then Go Back To A Zigga
Nigga, I Don’t Give A Damn If I Got One Leg,
Stand On This Shit Correctly
Him And His Nigga Got Hit Up The Same Night
But We Caught ‘Em Separate
All This Shit I Got Myself Into,
I Ain’t Call Nobody And Say, “Help Me”
Playin’ With Me, That’s Like Eatin’
Some Candy, Nigga, This Shit Ain’t Healthy

Nigga, Hoe Just Text, “I’m Pregnant”,
Finna Book Her A Flight Just To Punch On Her Belly
I Don’t Give A Damn If I Cancel This Meeting Gotti,
I’ma Make Sure Y’all Get It
(Hrr, Hrr) Nigga, Don’t Run From This,
This AK A Spine Splitter


If Y’all Catch That Puccy At McDonald’s,
I’m Paying McDouble To Get ‘Em
I Don’t Care If He Make It, Nigga,
I’ll Still Give You Ten-Thousand If You Hit ‘Em
I Don’t Know If He Can Take It, Nigga,
These .556s Rip Through Livers
20 Young Niggas Around Me, I Know For A Fact,
19 Done Killed Some’ Nigga

Nigga, Stop All That Cappin’ And Lyin’,
You Ain’t Never Seen Shit Get Cooked Up, Nigga
These Niggas Puttin’ On A Image,
You Ain’t Never Seen None Get Whipped Up, Nigga
You Ugly As Fu*k Young Nigga,
That’s Why It Look Like You Killed Some’, Nigga
Niggas Ain’t Shootin’ They Pistols,
I Really Hang Around Niggas That’s Clappin’ Niggas

I Really Hang With Killers,
Nigga Ain’t Grew Up Hanging ‘Round Action Figures
I Know I Just Signed Me A Deal But Before This Shit,
I Been Touched Six Figures
I Was That Young Nigga In My Hood,
Like ‘Hundred, I Shoot, Bet It, Nigga
I Can’t Send No Hits Through Buddy,
He Gon’t Talk, He Ain’t Ready, Nigga

I Just Got Off The Phone With Lil Meech,
He Say, “Fatt, You Ready, Nigga”
Take That Shit Out The Cabinet,
I Prefer That Pot, Nigga, We Don’t Want That Skillet
All These Hoes Be Saying, “DJ Khaled”, Nigga Fatt Did It

Let’s See Music Video

Song Info:

Song: Let’s See
Band/Singer: YTB Fatt
Lead Vocals: YTB Fatt
Written By: Cavon Paige & Klutch Frenchie
Music Produced By: Klutch Frenchie
Music Label: YTB Fatt
Featuring: YTB Fatt
Release Date: October 28, 2023

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