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Home Song by Cher: “Home” is a New Song, sung by Cher and Michael Bublé. ​Home Song lyrics were written by ​​​​​Alan Chang, Amy Foster-Gillies, and Michael Bublé, and the music was produced by​ ​Mark Taylor.

Cher – Home Lyrics

Another Christmas Day
Will Come And Go Away
I’ve Got So Far To Go
But I Wanna Go Home
I Need To Go Home

May Be Surrounded By
A Million People, I
Still Feel All Alone
I Wanna Go Home
Babe, I Miss You, You Know


And I’ve Been Keepin’ All The Letters
That I Wrote To You
Each One A Line Or Two (Oh Yeah)
I’m Fine, Baby, Baby, How Are You?
Well, I Would Send Them, But I Know
That It’s Just Not Enough
My Words Were Cold And Flat
And You Deserve More Than That

Another Airplane
Another Sunny Place
I’m Lucky, I Know
But I Wanna Go Home (I Wanna Go Home)
I Got To Go Home


Let Me Go Home
I’m Just Too Far
From Where You Are
I Wanna Go Home

And I Feel Just Like I’m Living
Someone Else’s Life
It’s Like I Just Stepped Outside (Stepped Outside)
When Everything Was Goin’ Right
And I Know Just Why You Could Not
Come Along With Me
That This Was Not Your Dream
But You Always Believed In Me


Another Winter Day
Has Come And Gone Away
In Either Paris And Rome
And I Wanna Go Home (I Wanna Go Home)
I Got To Go Home

Though I’m Surrounded By
A Million People, I
I Still Feel Alone
Oh, Let Me Go Home (Let Me Go Home)
Babe, I Miss You, You Know (Babe, I Miss You, You Know)

Let Me Go Home
I’ve Had My Run
Baby, I’m Done
I’m Comin’ Back Home
Let Me Go Home
It’ll All Be Alright
I’ll Be Home Tonight
I’m Comin’ Back Home

Home Music Video

Song Credits:

Song: Home
Band/Singer: Cher
Lead Vocals: Cher & Michael Bublé
Written By: Alan Chang, Amy Foster-Gillies & Michael Bublé
Music Produced By: Mark Taylor
Music Label: Warner Records
Featuring Artist: Michael Bublé
Release Date:
October 20, 2023

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