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Get Back Song by Foolio: “‎Get Back” is a Brand New English Song, sung by Foolio. Get Back song was written by Foolio, and the music was produced by Kolvi.

Foolio – Get Back Lyrics

Ha, Yeah
(It’s Strictly Murder Business, Nigga) Yeah
(Free Yurda) Six, Nigga (Uhhh)
Aye, Kolvi, You Goin’ Too Crazy

Uh, Let’s Get The Business Clear (Six)
My Brother Died, Yo’ Brother Died, We All Dropped A Tear (Dropped A Tear)
When I’m In Traffic, I Got Shooters Trailin’ In My Rear (In My Rear)
That Other Rapper Not In Jacksonville ’cause We Flipped His Whip (Ace)
Uh, Ha, Let’s Talk ’bout News4Jax (News4Jax)

We Dropped 3 Bodies, We The Hottest, Smokin’ Brand New Pack (Go)
I Did The Hit, Or I Could Sit Back And Just Drop The Racks (No Cap)
The Biggest Opp In My City, And I’m Statin’ Facts (No Cap)
Nigga, Uh, Let’s Talk ’bout Paperwork (Paperwork)

You Say You Told ’cause You Wasn’t In The Streets At First? (Dot)
That Mean Yo’ B!tch A*s Was A Mice Ever Since Yo’ Birth (Jdot)
This Gunshot Wound Ain’t Do Shit But Make Me Pop More Percs (Haha)
I Saw My Killer Miss His Shot, I Swear It Made Me Worse (Made Me Worse)
B!tch, I’m In My Biggest Bag, Like A Birkin Purse (Birkin Purse)
That Getback A Mothafu*ka’, I Know Lil’ Sosa Hurt (Sosa)
Now, B!tch, Go Cry Wit’ Yo’ Cousin At That Fu*kin’ Church (Hahahaha)

Huh, Damn, We Gon’ Kill ’em All
My Brother Died, Yo’ Brother Died, Karma Due To All (I Swear)
Huh, Hmm, We Gon’ All Cry (We All Cry)
Meet Me At The Hell Gates, We Gon’ All Die (Nigga)

Behind Tint, ‘finna Spin Again (‘rrrah)
God, Forgive Us For Our Sins (For Our Sins)
Me And Max Got Two Splats,
We Four Deep On Murder Biz (Murder Biz)
’bout Bibby, Shit Won’t Never Stop (Never Stop)
’til I Kill The Biggest Opp

Gen 5 On My Side, To The Left Of Me,
My Fully Chop (Brrt, Bop, Bop, Bop)
Whole City Know How We Rock (How We Rock)
Ccg, Won’t See No Doc’
Got Body Counts On Every Gun,
I Fell In Love Wit’ Stolen Glocks (‘rrrah)

We Fell In Love Wit’ Killin’ Niggas
No Lil’ Fish, Kill The Biggest Nigga
Yeen’ Heard, We Kill The Killers
You A Opp, Crop ’em Out The Picture
Extortion, Nigga, Of Yo’ Lease Up

Dodge Durango Wit’ A Hemi, This’ll Fu*k The Streets Up (Ayy)
From The West, To The East, We Done Turnt The Beef Up
We Just Fu*ked Over A Opp, Now I’ma Fu*k This Beat Up
Hunnid Killers At The Table Talkin’ Body Counts (Body Count)

They Know How We Rock And Roll,
Move, And Bounce (And Bounce)
You Catch That Fu*k Nigga On That Block,
Lil’ Bro, Blick Him Down (Down)
I Wanna Hear His Car Crash And
Some Choppa Sounds (Bop, Bop, Bop, Bop)
Baby Drac’ My Baby K,
I Named It Champagne Papi (Champagne Papi)

Any Nigga You See ’round Me,
Then They Caught A Body (Caught A Body)
High-Speed Chases, Jso Can’t Catch This Stolen ‘rari (Stolen ‘rari)
Screamin’ “Murder, Murder, Murder,”
That’s My Favorite Hobby, Nigga
(Murder, Murder, Murder, Murder, Nigga)

Huh, Damn (Six), We Gon’ Kill ’em All (Kill ’em All)
My Brother Died, Yo’ Brother Died, Karma Due To All (I Swear)
Huh, Hmm, We Gon’ All Cry (We Gon’ All Cry)
Meet Me At The Hell Gates, We Gon’ All Die

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Song Credits:

Song: Get Back
Band/Singer: Foolio
Lead Vocals: Foolio
Written By: Foolio
Music Produced By: Kolvi
Music Label: Foolio
Featuring: Foolio
Release Date: October 23, 2023

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