Famous Last Words Lyrics – DPR IAN

Famous Last Words Song by DPR IAN: “Famous Last Words” is a Brand New English Song, sung by DPR IAN. ​Famous Last Words Song lyrics were penned by DPR IAN, and the music was produced by DPR IAN.

DPR IAN – Famous Last Words Lyrics

Dear Insanity
If You Are Reading This
We Have Ventured Too Far Into Our Minds
And Everything That We Thought Was A Dream
Is Now Real
Even The Nightmares
My Time Is Running Out
But Yours Has Just Begun
But Don’t Worry
I’ll Find A Way To Come Back
I Always Do
Yours Truly



Famous Last Words Song Info

Song: Famous Last Words
Album: Dear Insanity…
Band/Singer: DPR IAN
Lead Vocals: DPR IAN
Written By: DPR IAN
Music Produced By: DPR IAN
Music Label: DPR IAN
Featuring Artists: DPR IAN
Release Date:
October 6, 2023

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