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Black Hole Song by boygenius: “Black Hole” is a New Song from the album “the rest”, sung by Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridgers. ​Black Hole Song lyrics were written by ​​​​Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridgers, and the music was produced by ​​​Collin Pastore, Jake Finch, Ethan Gruska, Calvin Lauber, Marshall Vore, and ​boygenius.

Black Hole Lyrics

In A Rainstorm
Suckin’ Down A Dart On The Back Porch
Out Here, It Gets So Dark
You Can See The Stars, The Ones
The Headlines Said This Morning
Were Bein’ Spat Out By What We Thought
Was Just Destroyin’ Everything For Good

White Teeth, Black Light, White Tee, Brown Eyes
Bad Boy, Big Fight, You’re A Good Guy
Good Day, Good Night, Good Talk, Goodbye
It’s Out Of Your Hands, But Have A Safe Flight
My Thoughts, All Noise, Fake Smile, Decoys
Sometimes, I Need To Hear Your Voice

Song Credits:

Song: Black Hole
Album: the rest
Band/Singer: boygenius
Lead Vocals: Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus & Phoebe Bridgers
Written By: Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus & Phoebe Bridgers
Music Produced By: Offset, Ojivolta, Don Mills (Producer) & Thank You Fizzle
Music Label: boygenius
Featuring Artist: boygenius
Release Date:
October 13, 2023

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Black Hole Music Video