Birman Lyrics – Melisa & Serena

Birman Song by Melisa & Serena: “‎Birman” is a Brand New Song, sung by Melisa and Serena. Birman song lyrics were penned by Serena, Iordan Adrian, Bianca Dragomir, Dan Healy, Stefania Miculescu, and Dara, and the music was also produced by Vlad Mazarel.

Melisa & Serena – Birman Lyrics

Is It Right, Is It Wrong,
I’ve been Doing Things On My Own
Bitter Sweet Jealousy
When You Can’t Even Reach Me

Don’t Stop, I Wanna Feel The Passion
Hypnotized When I Hear Your Voice
Heart Drop, You’re My New Obsession
Try To Fight But I Have No Choice


Nothing Bad Feels This Good
I Can’t Walk Away But I Should
Yeah You Got Me Again
Spin Me Round And Mess With My Head

Feel You Nothing? On My Tongue
Take Me Higher Than A Drug
I’ve Been Love Drunk From The Start
Gone Too Far, Gone Too Far


Birman Song Info:

Song: Birman
Band/Singer: Melisa & Serena
Lead Vocals: Melisa & Serena
Written By: Serena, Iordan Adrian, Bianca Dragomir, Dan Healy, Stefania Miculescu & Dara
Music Produced By: Vlad Mazarel
Music Label: RotonMusicTV
Featuring Artist: Melisa & Serena
Music Video Director: Kobzzon
Release Date: October 2, 2023

Birman Music Video