Warfare Lyrics – Finesse2Tymes

Warfare Song by Finesse2Tymes: “​​Warfare” is a Brand New English Song, sung by Finesse2Tymes. ​​Warfare song lyrics were penned by ​​Finesse2Tymes and LiL K33 Beats, and the music was produced by LiL K33 Beats.

Finesse2Tymes – ​​Warfare Lyrics

Everybody Don’t Wanna Ride With You But
When You Lose
Nah Fu*k That
Once You Cross The Line Gotta Stay There
And When You See Me In Traffic
I Try To Be Cool With Niggas Don’t Wanna Respect It
When You Being Humble And Shit
Speak Up When You Talking About Me
All That Subliminal Whispering Mumbling And Shit
I’m Done With This Shit
I’m Sick Of These Niggas And Bitches
Trying To Focus On My Ticket
I Got Hands I Got Guns
How You Wanna Get It
Please Tied In The Field
I Got Warfield
The Fu*k Ion
I’m Playing For Keeps
If I Want A N!gga I’m Laying For Weeks
I’m Laying For Months
I’m In Cali With Stallion Wilding
I Do This Shit For The Struggle

Christian Dior, Gucci, Louie And Fendi
I Got Place

Warfare Song Info:

Song: Warfare
Band/Singer: Finesse2Tymes
Lead Vocals: Finesse2Tymes
Written By: ​Finesse2Tymes & LiL K33 Beats
Music Produced By: ​LiL K33 Beats
Music Label: Finesse2Tymes
Featuring: Finesse2Tymes
Release Date: September 21, 2023

Warfare Music Video