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Up Song by ASM Bopster: “​​Up” is a Brand New English Song, sung by ASM Bopster. ​​Up song lyrics were penned by ​ASM Bopster, and the music was produced by ASM Bopster.

ASM Bopster – ​​Up Lyrics

Energy Made This One

On The Back Of B!tches, The Ball, Fu*k


And Soon The Game, Huh?

Ain’t Never Met No B!tch That I Need, Huh?
I’m Balling For Season, Huh?
Anything I Make Up In This Booth Beat The Speakers Up
Anyhow I See You Know, I Shoot From The Sneakers Up
Fu*k The World We Bouncing Out Right Here, Then We Sneaking Up
She Says It Bop On That B!tch Turn The Speakers Up
Bad B!tch She Got A N!gga She My Sneaky Fu*k


She My Little Famous Nikki Lane She My Tv Fu*k
I Already Know It’s Rolling With Us I Don’t Speak Too Much
All Right, Shut It Down Switch To Be Fast Hop
One Thing I Get Mad When A B!tch Get
I Ain’t In The Booth Too Long I Killed A Beef Fast
Fine B!tch Walking Through The Shout Out Where You Be At
You Better Take Picture Of Your Hair Before I Beat A*s
And This Ain’t You Hear Me? Hop On, B!tches All Guys
I Got A New Chick Coming In Come Fu*k My Laughs
He Like Them Hard Till I Slapping Talking My Old My Bad

I Like My Nina But My 40 The One To Go Blast
Huh? Let Me Grab A*s
She Said That Puccy Hella Far That Shit Is Trash Bag
I’ma Stay Gassing On My Option Till My Time Pass
And B!tch Stay On My Pocket Talking About That’s My Last
I Ran Up Streets Every Month I’m Always Have Chill
I Ain’t No Way I Can Hide It I Put It On Crib
15 Stock On This B!tch
But You Know, I Got To Stick
Let Them Drive By On That Shit 50 Shots In His Whip


The Boy Got Ball He Trying To Pull Up?
Fu*k It Let’s Get The B!tch Rolling Let’s Just Turn It Up
I Got That N!gga Jumping Around Like He Doing Double Dutch
Oh, That Little N!gga Dead Now Let’s Run Him Up
Chain Out On My Neck Cause I Got Blow It Up
I’m Trying To Catch It They Got Out So I Can Wet Him Up
Once Up, No Coming Down, B!tch Forever Stuck
All I Know He Have It All Must Do Test My Luck
I Don’t Give A Fu*k He’ll B!tch
Ain’t Gonna Let Her Bust
I Told Her Cut Dirt Gain Out Of Little N!gga Stuck
He Tried To Turn Around And Walk Bullets Eat His A*s Up
It Was Chalk On The Floor Where His Body Got Touched

It Was Critical They Couldn’t Stitch
His A*s Up He Feeling Miserable?
We Got Her Little Chops Over Here
Shoot From 10 To 2 Look Up
See The Boys, Do The Dice That’s Typical
I Don’t Believe Threats
Stop Saying What You Finna Do, Huh?
We Start The Popper Tell Her Watch It Like Mystikal
I Don’t Do It Up Over
No, B!tch I’m Mystikal
I Was Broke Now Rich Is A Miracle
I Know I Got About 310 To Fold
You Can Fu*k Around And Find Out How Far I Really Go

I Can Never Kiss You, B!tch You Be Giving Throat
You Thought You Won’t Be My B!tch Like, Really Dope
No B!tch That I Need. I’m Balling For Season, Huh?
Anything I Make Up In This Booth. Beat The Speakers Up
Anyhow I See You Know I Shoot From The Sneakers Up
Fu*k The World We Bouncing Out Right Here, Then We Sneaking Up

Up Song Info:

Song: Up
Band/Singer: ASM Bopster
Lead Vocals: ASM Bopster
Written By: ASM Bopster
Music Produced By: ASM Bopster
Music Label: ASM Bopster
Featuring: ASM Bopster
Release Date: September 22, 2023

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