This Beautiful Life Lyrics – Ocie Elliott

This Beautiful Life Song by Ocie Elliott: “​​This Beautiful Life” is a Brand New English Song, sung by Ocie Elliott. ​​This Beautiful Life song lyrics were penned by ​​Jon Middleton and Sierra Lundy, and the music was produced by Ocie Elliott and John Raham.

Ocie Elliott – ​​This Beautiful Life Lyrics

That Little Porch Where We Sat In The Springtime
Making Chords That Felt Very Nice
The Soft Play Of The New Leaf Shadows
You Know I Love This Heady Kind Of Sight

Early Out On That Copper Morning
Feeling Like Things Would Be Alright
The Velvet Of Your Vowels Forming
You Know You Glow In Any Kind Of Light

How You Playfully Tease Me While I’m Resting
How You Laugh When You See You’re Succeeding
How You Look When You’re Taking In A New Day
You May Not Know, These Little Things I Like

I’m Looking Forward To Multiplying These Times
I’m Ready For The Sad Times We’ll Find
But All These Scenes And These Colours And Your Eyes
You Know, I Love This Beautiful Life

This Beautiful Life Song Info:

Song: This Beautiful Life
Band/Singer: Ocie Elliott
Lead Vocals: Ocie Elliott
Written By: Jon Middleton & Sierra Lundy
Music Produced By: Ocie Elliott & John Raham
Music Label: Ocie Elliott
Featuring: Ocie Elliott
Release Date: September 22, 2023

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