Snowman Lyrics – Icewear Vezzo

Snowman Song by Icewear Vezzo: “Snowman” is a Brand New English Song, sung by Icewear Vezzo. Snowman Song lyrics are penned by ​Icewear Vezzo and the music is produced by ​Icewear Vezzo.

Icewear Vezzo – Snowman Lyrics

We Fu*k, You Might Get Lucky, Then
Madam Put That Pu*sy Right To Sleep And Then I Tuck It In
Issac Punkin’, Piece It On My T, Ain’t Gotta Tuck It In
And Don’t Tote Sticks, You Ain’t Gon’ Blow That B!tch,
You Better Not Up It (Mama, [?] Made A Hit)

We Gon’ Stretch Him Up, Never Show My Hand, Shit, Life Of [?] ([?])
Bro Know I Ain’t Playin’, This Pokémon, B!tch, We Gon’ Catch ’em All
This Tesla Got Me T’d Then I’ll Be Leanin’ Like My Syrup Raw
Ap Feel Aneomic, I Be Freezin’, Caught Two Birds Of Raw
I’m Too Turnt, I Never [?]

[?] My Man Before I Blessed A Ho
Fifty On My Men, I Got Big [?] Love To Fu*k On Rappers, But I Hate [?] Hoes
You Know How We Comin’ With That Trollin’ Shit
Got Des’ Ea’ On, We Clappin’ Shit


Love That [?] Mix, The Diamonds Purple, Look Like A
Blue Tears On That Fiend, Gon’ Hit His Head ’til He Do Backwards Flips
Two-Hunnid In My Pants, Twenty Bands To Get My Package Sent
Crack The Whip, Get To Smackin’ Shit, Look Like A Accident
These Hoes’ll Move Like N!ggas,
But These N!ggas Act Like Hoes That’s On They Period

Better Snatch A Soul, We Don’t Take You Serious
Two-Rhousand Dollar Collar, This Bravado, Don’t Like ‘Miri Shit
Net Look Like A Lazer, Got Two Razors In My Earrings
B!tch, Yo’ Folks Hit, Ain’t Goin’ Lie With N!ggas I Got Smoke Wit’
Pourin’ Mud With Robbers, Feel Like Jeezy Back In ’06
I Don’t Wanna Blow It, If It Ain’t Fiji, Might Get Dope Sick


Let Us Snort Some Snow, Might Get [?] If That [Throat?] Hit
Back Then, Was Gmb, It’s Cmb, We Shine Like Cmg
Switchie On That Stick, That B!tch A G, I Call That Est
Never Copped A Plea Or Caught No Troops, My Shit On Dnd
Fu*k Rap, We In The Streets, Got What You Need, This B!tch A DMV
[?], We Gon’ Blow It Down

Percocets Or Xans, I Need To Slow It Down
You Gon’ Take That Stand, Or You Gon’ Hold It Down
Used To Be My Mans ’til They Went Fed Soon As He Go To Trial
Presi’ Froze A Band, This Richard, Damn, This B!tch Two Forty-Five (Ooh)


Fu*k N!ggas Talkin’ ’bout, N!gga?
We Live From The Six, Live From The Six
N!gga, On God

Snowman Song Info

Song: Snowman
Band/Singer: Icewear Vezzo
Lead Vocals: Icewear Vezzo
Lyrics: Icewear Vezzo
Music: Icewear Vezzo
Music Label: Icewear Vezzo
Featuring: Icewear Vezzo
Release Date:
September 1, 2023

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Snowman” song?
Icewear Vezzo has written the lyrics of “Snowman”.

Who is the singer of the “Snowman” song?
Icewear Vezzo has sung the song “Snowman”.

Who is the music producer of the “Snowman” song?
“Snowman” song music was produced by ​Icewear Vezzo.

When was the “Snowman” song released?
“Snowman” song was released on September 1, 2023.

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