Pa Casa Lyrics In English – ICON (feat. Ryan Castro & Saiko)

Pa Casa [English Translation] Song by ICON: “Pa Casa” is a Brand New Song, sung by Ryan Castro and Saiko. Pa Casa Song lyrics in English are penned by ​​Ryan Castro, Saiko, Rolo, and Jowan, and the music was produced by ​​ICON Music and Jowan.

ICON – Pa Casa Lyrics In English

I Don’t Know If You Remember (I Don’t Know If You Remember)
When I Had To Skip Your Berja To See You
You Didn’t Want Me To Leave You At The Door
Your Father Didn’t Want You To Have Me Near You
To Those Times’ We Returned, To Continue Where We Left Off
You’re All Grown Up And You’re Just Lookin’ For A Buck

But Why Don’t You Come And Go Home?
We’ll Give You All The Way Down And Just For A Little While.
We Forgot The Fights And Why Did We Break Up?
When I’m With Someone Else (Ah)
That’s When I Most Need To See You Again
(Awoo, Awoo)


Let’s Make It Last Forever While It Lasts
You Left Me On The Earth And You On The Clouds’ (Awoo, Awoo)
I’m In Spain, Tell Me, Baby, When Does It Go Up’ (Awoo, Awoo, Awoo)
E-e-es-es I Want To Remember When
I Had You In The Motele’ And The Clube’ (Yeah)
Tell Me What You Make Up
If On Cold Nights You Remember Me Too
You Say You’re Happy, But You Only Look Happy
With Me You Look Good, With Him You No Longer Connect,
You Don’t Complement Each Other
We’re On Our Way Back (The Way Back)
I Almost Put My Heart On Sale (Girla)
They Fronted Me With Money,
Now I’m The One Who Moves It (The Turn)
Forget About The Mercho,
I’ll Take The Maybach From You (Awoo, Awoo)
Beba, Where Are You?
Crossing The Atlantic Sea To See You And You Don’t Understand
I’m Dying For You, Tell Me How You Feel

Let’s Go Home
We’re Gonna Give You Down Just For A Little While
We Forget The Fights And Why We Broke Up
Yes, When I’m With Someone Else,
That’s When I Most Need To See Each Other Again.


I Do Need You, But I Need You, You Need Me
Don’t Deny It, Baby, Don’t Play The Saint
And Even If She Says There’s Nothing To Solve
What She Says’ Drunk Doesn’t Back It Up
For Every Fight, I Make You A Theme Song
Do You Remember When We Used To Jump First?
And You’d Come Home, What A Good Time It Was
When I Gave It All To You Without You Asking For It
But Eventually, We Blocked Each Other
On The Web You Cure Me And It Hurts Me
Tonight If You Want

Why Don’t You Come On Over And We’ll Go Home?
We’ll Give It All The Way Down And Just For A While
We Forgot The Fights And Why Did We Break Up?
When I’m With Someone Else (Ah)
That’s When I Need To See You Again The Most



Pa Casa Song Info

Song: Pa Casa
Band/Singer: Ryan Castro & Saiko
Lead Vocals: Ryan Castro & Saiko
Written By: Ryan Castro, Saiko, Rolo & Jowan
Music Produced By: ICON Music & Jowan
Music Label: Onell Diaz
Featuring Artist: ICON, Ryan Castro & Saiko
Music Video Director: Jorge No
Release Date:
September 14, 2023

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of the “​Pa Casa” song?
​​Ryan Castro, Saiko, Rolo, and Jowan have written the lyrics of “Pa Casa”.

Who is the singer of the “​Pa Casa” song?
Ryan Castro and Saiko have sung the song “​Pa Casa”.

Who is the music producer of the “​Pa Casa” song?
“Pa Casa” song music was produced by ​​​ICON Music and Jowan.

When was the “​Pa Casa” song released?
“Pa Casa” song was released on September 14, 2023.

Pa Casa Music Video