El Toro Encartado Lyrics In English – Natanael Cano

El Toro Encartado [English Translation] Song by Natanael Cano: “El Toro Encartado” is a Brand New Song, sung by Natanael Cano. El Toro Encartado Song lyrics in English are penned by ​​Gregorio Fuentes and Natanael Cano, and the music was produced by ​​Natanael Cano.

Natanael Cano – El Toro Encartado Lyrics In English

That One Who’s Eager To Give Me The Face
To Give Me A Little Bit Of A Hard-on
I’ll Take It Any Way I Want
As I Want I’ll Go In And I Don’t Bring Herd

I’m The Only One In Front Of Him
And I Tackle The People Who Send The Other Way
It’s Getting To Be A Habit
Killing Two Or Three Of Those Who Kill Daily


On This Day, I Don’t Get It
Because At Home, I’ll Give You A Consultation
I Don’t Want So Many Patients
Because Many People Are Dying Without Guilt


It’s Well Said That In Business
It’s Always The Partners That Betray You
When Very Good Cheese Comes Out
That’s Worth A High Price And The Cow Is Heeled
But I’m An Alibi Bull
And They’ll Swallow Whatever Comes Out Of Me Now

The Twin Towers Are Falling
My Grandmother Died Who Were Important
I Don’t Want To Fill You Up With Lead
If We Are Drug Traffickers

For My Remorse
You See I’m Sorry To Give You A Great Gift
What Color Box Do You Want?
Do You Like It Silver Or Gold?


Don’t Forget On The Trip
Take The Message To Your Ex-gunners
Don’t Leave Them In Doubt
How I Have Fun With Widows

Now With This One I Say Goodbye
I Got A Beep That’s Like A Bomb
Mexico, United States
Panama, Peru, Venezuela And Colombia
And It’s Right With Me
Cuba And Puerto Rico, I’ve Got Them In The Bag

El Toro Encartado Song Info

Song: El Toro Encartado
Band/Singer: Natanael Cano
Lead Vocals: Natanael Cano
Written By: Gregorio Fuentes & Natanael Cano
Music Produced By: Natanael Cano
Music Label: Natanael Cano
Featuring Artist: Natanael Cano
Release Date:
September 14, 2023
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