Crazy Ants Reprise Lyrics – Róisín Murphy

Crazy Ants Reprise Song by Róisín Murphy: “Crazy Ants Reprise” is a Brand New English Song, sung by Róisín Murphy. Crazy Ants Reprise Song lyrics are written by ​DJ Koze and Róisín Murphy, with music produced by ​DJ Koze.

Róisín Murphy – Crazy Ants Reprise Lyrics

And The Next Year I Was Like, “Oh, My God, We’ve Gotta Go Back And See That Sunset Again,” So We Decided To Book Another Ticket And We Came Back And It Was Kinda Strange ’cause They Fucked Up The Sunset Thing And, ’cause Now We’re Like, “We Wanted A Certain Dj,” And The Dj Wasn’t There And We Were Like, “Oh, This Is Not What We Were Like Signed Up For,” So We Couldn’t Get A Cleaner So We Were Like, “What Are We Gonna Do?” And, Everything, Flies Were Comin’ And You Could See Like, They Have Ants There That Are Like Crazy Ants And So Many Animals And Stuff, Like Little Lizards And Things, They Were Crawlin’ Over The Place, It Was Filthy, Messy, “What Is This?” And He Said, “Well, It’s A Dishwasher,” I Was Like, “Oh, My God, Does It Wash The Dishes For You?” And He Was Like, “Yeah”

Crazy Ants Reprise Song Info

Song: Crazy Ants Reprise
Album: Hit Parade
Band/Singer: Róisín Murphy
Lead Vocals: Róisín Murphy
Written By: DJ Koze & Róisín Murphy
Music Produced By: DJ Koze
Composed By: DJ Koze
Music Label: Ninja Tune
Featuring: Róisín Murphy
Release Date:
September 8, 2023

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia


Who wrote the lyrics of the “Crazy Ants Reprise” song?
DJ Koze and Róisín Murphy have written the lyrics of “Crazy Ants Reprise”.

Who is the singer of the “Crazy Ants Reprise” song?
Róisín Murphy has sung the song “Crazy Ants Reprise”.


Who is the music producer of the “Crazy Ants Reprise” song?
“Crazy Ants Reprise” song music was produced by ​DJ Koze.

When was the “Crazy Ants Reprise” song released?
“Crazy Ants Reprise” song was released on September 8, 2023.


Crazy Ants Reprise Music Video