Clean Carfax Lyrics In English – Braulio Fogon

Clean Carfax [English Translation] Song by Braulio Fogon: “Clean Carfax” is a Brand New Song, sung by Braulio Fogon. Clean Carfax Song lyrics in English are penned by ​​Braulio Fogon, and the music was produced by ​​Braulio Fogon.

Braulio Fogon – Clean Carfax Lyrics In English


Did The Light Go Out Or Did They Cut The Signal To You
Leather I Give You The Crankshaft Fundo
Devil What A Mask And I Can Spot It For You
Wanting To Disguise Chatting On The Cell Phone, Ouch


That Popola From That B!tch Is Clean Carfax
She’s Clean, She’s Clean, She’s Clean Carfax
I Want To Eat Her But I Gotta Calm Down
Even Though It Doesn’t Put Me In The Mood, Oh

That Seed’s Got Zero Mileage (Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm, Ay)
That Seed (Ay, Ay) Has Zero Mileage (Ay, A Ay, A Ay, A Ay)


That Seed Ain’t Got No Mileage
I Give It Up In The Chair To Make It Shake On The Stretcher
Ando Con, Gastando Dos Manilla
And I’ll Give It To The Leather,
I’ll Throw It All The Way Down To The Chin
I Don’t Get Quiet, Yeah

Clean Carfax Song Info

Song: Clean Carfax
Band/Singer: Braulio Fogon
Lead Vocals: Braulio Fogon
Written By: Braulio Fogon
Music Produced By: Braulio Fogon
Music Label: Braulio Fogon
Featuring Artist: Braulio Fogon
Release Date:
September 21, 2023
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