Based on True Events Pt. 2 Lyrics – Nas

Based on True Events Pt. 2 Song by Nas: “Based on True Events Pt. 2” is a Brand New Song, sung by Nas. Based on True Events Pt. 2 Song lyrics are penned by ​Nas and Hit-Boy, and the music is produced by ​​Hit-Boy.

Nas – Based on True Events Pt. 2 Lyrics

One, Two, Three, Four
Uh-huh, Yeah
Yeah, Uh-huh, One, Two
Yeah, Strange Out Here
Yeah, Yeah
Chapter One

Fresh Cut, Lined Up, His Hair Clean, It’s Not A Fair Game
Can’t Trust How They Move, And His Solitaire Chain
His Bust Down Cuban Whippin’ The ‘rari Truck
Cuts Down The Music, He Got A Call That Was Confusin’
Heard This Kid Said In Front Of That Dude Somethin’ That Never Happened
Somethin’ Bein’ Perceived Like It’s Beef, But It’s Street Gossip
It’s Nothin’, Ain’t ’bout No Cash And Hung Up The Phone
He Can Tell By The Sound Of His Tone
Next Time We See Him, It Might Have To Be On
Four Seasons With The Heaters
He Pull In The Valet, He Playin’ Jackson 5, Maria
Pourin’ Good Burgundy, Drinkin’ Wine By The Liter
Million Dollar Ideas
Son A Thinker, But He’s Surrounded By Negative Peers
Minds Of Seventh Graders
Several Haters, Several Losses, Had To Get His Weight Up
“Happy Belated Gorgeous”, He Sent The Text To His Ex
Her Tattooed Chest Where Her Necklace Rest, She Covered His Name
Thinkin’ To Himself No Other Girl Could Love Him The Same
She Replied, “We Still Celebratin’, Come Out To Spain”
He Jumped Right On The Plane
He Had Bright Orange Leather Luggage When He Arrived
At The World’s Oldest Restaurant, Since 1725
Madrid Was Live, Lookin’ In This Woman’s Eyes
Lookin’ Where His Name Used To Be Now Covered With Butterflies
Had A Few Spanish Connects From Touchin’ Pies
Just To Summarize, He Knew A Couple Guys Who Had A Couple Ties
To Make That Shipment Touchdown Safe
Secured The Situation, Told Shorty, “I’m Out, Bae”


End Of Chapter One
Chapter Two

N!gga Plottin’ On The Plane, Crunchin’ The Numbers
Thinkin’ How This Move Gonna Help Him Fu*k Up The Summer
Told His Dog Who To Meet And What He Pickin’ Up From Him
Dog Said, “We Solid, I Got You, N!gga, We Bubblin'”
Since Jamella Out In Queens Used To Have Him Living Lovely
She Sat Down And Didn’t Sing, She Got Out, He Had Her Comfy
Thinkin’ ’bout Coppin’ That Fly Estate With Five Acres
Three Hours From Jfk, Watching Knicks Versus Lakers
When The Game Was Over, He Dozed Off
When He Landed, His Man Wouldn’t Answer His Phone Calls
Did He Take It Or Is He Locked Behind A Stone Wall?
Did The Feds Wait In Undercover Patrol Cars?
Tried To Tell Himself Not To Panic, Don’t Go So Far
But What’s The Law Of Averages When You Done Broke Laws?
He Had To Do The Math On This, He Can’t Take No Loss
Keepin’ His Poise
At The End Of The Day, He Know That He Can Trust In His Boy


Chapter Three

Baggage Claim, “Hurry The Fu*k Up”, Askin’ Tsa
“Is That Conveyor Belt Stuck Or What? What’s The Delay?”
Satan’s Work, Hopin’ The Devil Don’t Fu*k Up His Day
He Had To Factor In The Facts When It Came To The Play
He Remembered His Face Last Time He Was Loadin’ The Safe
Heard Him Say, “You Ain’t The Only Rich N!gga Who In This Place”
Fu*k Tryna Relax, He Had To Pull Up Everywhere That This N!gga Be At
Said, “It Ain’t Like My N!gga Know He Ain’t Dip With The Stash”
Hold On, I’m Almost At The Climax
Shots Ring Out, Soundin’ Like Some Loud Hi-hats
His Dome Got Popped At The Place Of The Transaction
Dudes From Spain Set Him Up, Straight Flattened
On Flatbush Avenue, A Restaurant In The Back Room
They Took The Money And Drugs And Shot Him In His Half Moon
Doin’ My Homework On Ig
Under His Last Picture Says, “R.I.P.”


Based on True Events Pt. 2 Song Info

Song: Based on True Events Pt. 2
Album: Magic 3
Band/Singer: Nas
Lead Vocals: Nas
Written By: Nas & Hit-Boy
Music Produced By: Hit-Boy
Music Label: Mass Appeal
Featuring: Nas
Release Date:
September 14, 2023

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Based on True Events Pt. 2” song?
Nas and Hit-Boy have written the lyrics of “Based on True Events Pt. 2”.

Who is the singer of the “Based on True Events Pt. 2″ song?
Nas has sung the song “Based on True Events Pt. 2″.

Who is the music producer of the “Based on True Events Pt. 2” song?
“Based on True Events Pt. 2” song music was produced by ​​Hit-Boy.

When was the “Based on True Events Pt. 2” song released?
“Based on True Events Pt. 2” song was released on September 14, 2023.

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