MEDIA LUNA Lyrics – Mora

MEDIA LUNA song by Mora: “‎MEDIA LUNA” is a Brand New Spanish Song, sung by Mora. MEDIA LUNA song lyrics were penned by ​Mora and the music was produced by Neneto.

Mora – MEDIA LUNA Lyrics [LETRA]

Si Estamos Los Dos En Un Mismo Cuarto, El Cielo No Se Ve Tan Alto
Aquí Está Mi Corazón Dentro De Un Frasco
Sin Ti, ¿Qué Soy Yo? Un Disfraz Barato
Contigo Soy Yo, Tú El Motor Del Barco
Si Te Tiras De Un Barranco, Detrás Tuyo Salto

Puedo Ser Tu Estrella Y Tú Mi Media Luna
Mi Tesoro, Mi Fortuna
Yo Puedo Ser Tu Estrella, Tú Mi Media Luna
Mi Tesoro, Mi Fortuna

Tus Ojos Ciérralo’, El Miedo, Entiérralo
Yo Sé Que Sin Darnos Cuenta Esto Escaló, ¿Y Pa’ Qué Negarlo?
Si Tú También Sentiste Mariposas En Tu Ombligo
La Noche Aquella En La Que Nos Unió El Destino
Si Es Pa’ Siempre, ¿Dónde Firmo?
Aunque Esto No Lo Aguanta Un Papel
Cuando Estás Suelo Brillar, Si Te Vas Empieza A Llover
Y Si Pudiera El Tiempo Retroceder, Regreso Cuando Te Dije:
“Te Voy A Besar Si Me Miras Así Otra Ve'”

Otra Ve’, Otra Ve’, Otra Ve’

MEDIA LUNA English Translation Lyrics – Mora

If We’re Both In The Same Room, The Sky Doesn’t Seem So High
Here’s My Heart In A Jar
Without You, What Am I? A Cheap Costume
With You I’m Me, You’re The Engine Of The Boat
If You Jump Off A Cliff, I’ll Jump Behind You

I Can Be Your Star And You My Crescent Moon
My Treasure, My Fortune
I Can Be Your Star, You Can Be My Crescent Moon
My Treasure, My Fortune

Your Eyes Close It, The Fear, Bury It
I Know That Without Realizing It, This Escalated, And Why Deny It?
If You Also Felt Butterflies In Your Navel
The Night That Destiny Brought Us Together
If It’s Forever, Where Do I Sign?
Though This Can’t Hold A Piece Of Paper
When You’re Shining, When You’re Gone It Starts To Rain
And If I Could Turn Back Time, I’ll Go Back When I Told You
“I’ll Kiss You If You Look At Me Like That Again'”

Another Time, Another Time, Another Time, Another Time


Band/Singer: Mora
Lead Vocals: Mora
Lyrics: Mora
Music: Neneto
Music Label: Rimas Music
Featuring: Mora
Release Date: August 28, 2023

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of the “MEDIA LUNA” song?
Mora has written the lyrics of  “MEDIA LUNA”.

Who is the singer of the “MEDIA LUNA” song?
Mora has sung the song “MEDIA LUNA”.

Who is the music producer of the “MEDIA LUNA” song?
“MEDIA LUNA” song music was produced by ​Neneto.

When was the “MEDIA LUNA” song released?
“MEDIA LUNA” song was released on August 28, 2023.

MEDIA LUNA Music Video

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