Fear & Fridays (Poem) Lyrics – Zach Bryan

Fear & Fridays (Poem) Song by Zach Bryan: “Fear & Fridays (Poem)” is a Brand New English Song, sung by Zach Bryan. Fear & Fridays (Poem) Song lyrics are written by ​Zach Bryan, with music produced by Zach Bryan.

Zach Bryan – Fear & Fridays (Poem) Lyrics

I’d Say I’ve Seen Some Beautiful Days,
I’ve Walked Countless Coastlines,
Awoken On Mountain Tops, I Have Seen Death
And Birth And Kissed Good Lips
I Don’t Need A Music Machine Telling Me What A Good Story Is,
And Matter Of Fact I’ve Never Asked Nothing From Nobody
I’ve Taken My Motorbike Down The Pacific 101 And
I Have Stood Atop The Empire State Building With My Father
I’ve Ridden In Fear, Although,
I Was Afraid Every Single Time
I’ve Learned That Every Waking Moment Is Enough
And Excess Never Leads To Better Things,
It Only Piles And Piles Atop The Things
That Are Already Abundantly In Front Of You
Like Breathing And Chasing And Slow Dancing And Love Making,
Fighting And Laughing
I Am Unhinged, Unworthy, And Distasteful To Mostly Everyone I Meet,
However I Am Loyal To A Fault To Anyone I Find Kindness
In I Do Not And Will Not Fear Tomorrow Because
I Feel As Though Today Has Been Enough
And I Got No Hate In My Heart For Anything, Anywhere, Or Anyone
And I Think Fear And Fridays Got An Awful Lot In Common,
They’re Overdone And Glorified And Always Leave You Wantin’
Yeah, I Think Fear And Fridays Got An Awful Lot In Common,
They’re Overdone And Glorified And They Always Leave You Wantin’

Fear & Fridays (Poem) Song Info

Album: Zach Bryan
Song: Fear & Fridays (Poem)
Band/Singer: Zach Bryan
Lead Vocals: Zach Bryan
Lyrics: Zach Bryan
Music: Zach Bryan
Music Label: Zach Bryan
Featuring: Zach Bryan
Release Date:
August 25, 2023

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Who wrote the lyrics of the “Fear & Fridays (Poem)” song?
Zach Bryan has written the lyrics of “Fear & Fridays (Poem)”.

Who is the singer of the “Fear & Fridays (Poem)” song?
Zach Bryan has sung the song “Fear & Fridays (Poem)”.


Who is the music producer of the “Fear & Fridays (Poem)” song?
“Fear & Fridays (Poem)” song music was produced by Zach Bryan.

When was the “Fear & Fridays (Poem)” song released?
“Fear & Fridays (Poem)” song was released on August 25, 2023.


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