Black & White Lyrics – Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun & Dax

Black & White Song by Tom MacDonald: “‎Black & White” is a Brand New English Song, sung by Dax, Tom MacDonald, and Adam Calhoun. Black & White song lyrics penned by Dax, ​Tom MacDonald, and Adam Calhoun, and the music was produced by Tom MacDonald.

Tom MacDonald – Black & White Lyrics

Pop In The Truck, Ten Of My Buddies Are Already Drunk
We Don’t Go Nowhere That Doesn’t Have Liquor And Cigarettes
Riding Mechanical Bulls In The Club
We Like To Hunt, Leave With A Gun,
Come Back Tomorrow, We Covered In Blood
With A Bucket Of Guts, We All Tougher Than Fuck
And We Popping The Clutch, We Ain’t Stuck In The Mud

I’m The White Boy With The Baseball Bat,
Bunch Of Face Tattoos And A Nascar Hat
In The Backyard Like A Scrap Yard,
Got A Glass Jar Full Of Tobacco That’s Blacker Than Asphalt
Rolling With Hundreds Of Crackers Who Acting Like Animals,
They Cannot Handle Their Alcohol
We The White Boys From The Back Woods In The Bad Hoods
And The Trailer Park Trash That Pack Guns
When I Was Younger They’d Tell Me To Struggle And Hustle
Like Two Hundred Bikers And They Were My Brothers
We Coming For Blood And You Running For Cover,
Addicted To Drugs, In The Gutter
Been Drunker Than Anyone Leaving The Club,
We Go Dumber Than [?] We Got Mullets And [?],
And Multiple Gunners That Coming In Hummers,
You Under The Rubber, You’ll Never Recover


Chain Smoking, My Lungs Hurt,
My Neck Red, Got Sunburns
Bumping Eminem, We All Know The Words,
Bunch Of White Boys Flipping Hella Birds
Hillbilly Really Don’t Care If You Like ’em,
Little Bit Of Moonshine Fire Inside ’em
Kill ’em In A Minute, Don’t Care Who’s Fighting,
You Don’t Wanna Trip On The Kids Of Vikings
Camo And Mullets And Cowboy Hats Out In Public
Got Ammo Stash, They My Cousins And Cashing Addicts In [?],
They All This And We Don’t Listen, Can’t Hear It No More
We Gone Fishing, They Gone Missing, I Told Y’all Before

I Be On Some White People Shit
Hanging Out The Window Of A Truck
Yelling “I Don’t Give A Fu*k”
White People Shit
Every Time They See Me Pulling Up
They Be Like “Oh My God
He Be On Some White People Shit”


Jumping Out The Plane No Parachute So I’ma Get There Sooner
I Ain’t Learned Shit From School, Always Ditched, Ferris Bueller
Screw Your Little Truck, My Square Body Over There Is Cooler
Every White Boy Riding With Me Over There Shooters

I’m The White Boy With [?] Sit Shotgun When I Pop The Truck
[?] Off The Jump, I’m Off My Rocker, Lotsa Guns
This Ain’t Soccer But Watch Him Run,
Shoot Him In The Lung, Need Oxygen
Coughing Blood Like He Often Does,
Talk Too Much Hear This Coffin Shut


I’m Never Gonna Back Up Too Much Ammo,
We Got Hammered, Used To Battle
Had My Fights Right On The Gravel,
Back In The Day We Used To Handle
Shit Like Men But Now We’re Canceled, Look At Us Like [?],
Look At Them Like Pull Your Pants Up,
Dumbass Kids Ain’t Got No Answer

Looked Up To Dudes With Tattoos And Rap Music
Bad Moves And Abuse In My Past Acting Stupid
I Use The Bad News For The Gas To Keep Moving
I Made It Where I’m At, Now You’d Rather See Me Losing
All My Guys Got Tattoos On Their Face,
They Did Their Time, They Got Jammed
What The Hell’s A Blue Check? They Ain’t Got No Instagram
Ask Around, Everyone Knows
They Might Think That I Care But I Don’t

I Be On Some White People Shit
Hanging Out The Window Of A Truck
Yelling “I Don’t Give A Fu*k”
White People Shit
Every Time They See Me Pulling Up
They Be Like “Oh My God
He Be On Some White People Shit”

Yeah, Segregated But I’m Still In The Mix,
I Been Fucking With Tommy
Before He Got Canceled For Speaking The Truth ’bout The World
And Exposing It For What It Actually Is
I See Race As An Issue,
I’m Running It Back To The Government To Tell ’em
This Is A Democratic Liberated Conservative
Patriarchy Dipped-in-action Affirmative Hit Song
Bet They’d Still Cut Me A Check, State That I’m In Is My Mind
It’s Way Deeper Than Color,
I Ain’t [?] Blue Versus Red, I’m In Control
Can Say That I’m Carrying More Than You Know,
One In The Chamber That’s Ready To Blow
Right At You Pussies Who Claiming You Woke,
I’ma Keep Praying That You Get Exposed
I Promise, I’m Not Abiding By Rules That You Set For Me
I’m Not That Mad At The Past, I Mean It Was Only A Couple Of Centuries
Well Actually I’m Pissed, But Why Would That Be My Identity?
So On Behalf Of All Blacks I Forgive And Don’t Wanna Be Enemies

Just Say You’re Sorry And Talk To Me Nice, This Is Comedic, If You Get Offended
That’s A Reflection Of Your Own Life And How You Fail To Live It Right
So It’s Not Black Vers’ White, It’s Wrong Vers’ Right ’cause
Color Is Just A Result Of These Multiple Factors That We Didn’t Choose, I Mean

Mom, Dad, Race, Religion, Things We’re Born Into
Generational Curses That Get Undone Once We Undo, Move
See Life From A Different View Beyond Our Own Skew
Manipulated By The News, Crude Truth,

Things They Used To Confuse The Masses
Put Us In Social Classes Separated By Percentages Paid For Taxes
Income Brackets, Clothes, Cars, Shoes, Size Of Asses
I Bet They’ll Try To Blackmail Me
Once I Black Out All These Demographics
And Push Past The Stereotypical Average Then
Get Blackballed And They Cut All My Traffic

Oh My God, He Be On Some Black People Shit
Hanging Out The Window Of The Truck
Screaming “I Don’t Give A Fu*k”
Black People Shit
Every Time They See Me Pulling Up
They Be Like “Oh My God
He Be On Some White People Shit”

Black & White Song Info:

Song: Black & White
Album: The Brave 2
Band/Singer: Dax, Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun
Lead Vocals: Dax, Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun
Lyrics: Dax, Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun
Music: Tom MacDonald
Video Director: Nova Rockafeller
Music Label: Tom MacDonald
Featuring: Dax, Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun
Release Date: July 28, 2023

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Black & White” song?
Dax, Tom MacDonald, and Adam Calhoun have written the lyrics of “Black & White”.

Who is the singer of the “Black & White” song?
Tom MacDonald and Adam Calhoun have sung the song “Black & White”.

Who is the music producer of the “Black & White” song?
“Black & White” song music was produced by ​Tom MacDonald.

When was the “Black & White” song released?
“Black & White” song was released on July 28, 2023.

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