No Bars Lyrics – JT

No Bars Lyrics by JT: “‎No Bars” is a Brand New English Song, sung by JT. No Bars song lyrics are written by ​JT, Nicki Minaj, BrizzyOnDaBeat, Noc, Michael Kofi Bonsu, and Raphael Oliveira, with music produced by BrizzyOnDaBeat and Noc, and this brand-new music video was released on July 14, 2023.

JT – No Bars Lyrics

(I Got Brizzy On The Beat, He Go Crazy)
(What Up Noc)
What You Workin’ With?
Yeah, What You Workin’ With?
Uh, What You Workin’ With?
(Show A Real B!tch) What You Workin’ With

Pay For This Pu*sy, N!gga (Yeah), Get Yo’ Bands Up
Oh, You Ain’t Trickin’, N!gga? I’ma Hit Yo’ Mans Up (The Fu*k)
Cold-A*s Cocky B!tch, Fur In The Summertime (Brr)
He Gon’ Keep The Bills Paid ’cause He Know A B!tch Fine

B!tches Always In My Business, “Jt, What You Really Do?” (What?)
I Be At Home Playin’ Fetch By A Swimmin’ Pool (Bing)
I’m A Real Big Dog, B!tch, You A Scrappy-doo
Doin’ All That Wifey Shit Knowin’ He Don’t Fu*k With You

Poster Girl Pu*sy, In Yo’ N!gga Dreams
I’ma Hold A Semi, Bust Whoever In Between (Bop)
Gangster B!tch, Jt, Medellín
Haven’t Heard From The Opps, Yeah, They Ain’t Said A Thing (Shh)

I’ll Be Damned, N!gga, You Know Who I Am, N!gga (Huh)
Long Way From Crackin’ Cars And Pullin’ Scams, N!gga (Yeah)
B!tches On My D!ck, Pretty Like A Transgender (Ow)
Sit This Pu*sy On His Chin In A Chinchilla

Fifty Flows Up
Can’t Hop Out My Coupe Unless I Lift The Doors Up (Ayy)
Told My N!gga Twin Turbo, V8 The Motor (Skrrt)
Self Esteem Drop Every Time I Show Up, Yeah

Wrist Doin’ Eighty In A Thirty-five (Ice, Ayy)
Shut Marni Down For Some Furry Slides (Sloppy)
Look Him In His Eyes And Tell Him Dirty Lies (Huh)
Cop Me Chanel, N!gga, Thirty Times

The Price On This Kelly Say I’m Hella Paid (Yeah)
Crocodile Birkin From The Everglades (Yeah)
And I Ain’t Gotta Do A Motherfu*kin’ Thing
I Ain’t Gotta Do A Motherfu*kin’ Thing, B!tch (Period)

Told Y’all Hoes I Don’t Work Jobs
I Am A Motherfu*kin’ Job
B!tches Always In My Motherfu*kin’ Business
Worried ’bout What The Fu*k I Got Goin’ On, Ho
Hahahaha, It’s City Girl Shit (Ho)
Even When You Think It Ain’t City Girl Shit
(I’m A City Girl, B!tch)

Second Verse To You Hatin’-A*s Hoes (Tired-A*s)
Who Get Mad Every Time I Strike A Pose (Damn)
I’m Rick’d Down From My Head To My Toes (Yep)
Hood B!tch, Dressed Like A Weirdo (Huh)

Run Away, Now I’m Steppin’ In Some Runway
B!tch, You Can’t Fu*k With My On Yo’ Birthday (Never)
Free My Real B!tches, Corrlink And J-pay (Free My B!tches)
You Gon’ Be Home, Fu*k What The Judge Say

I’m Low-key, B!tches Fu*k With My Anxiety
I’m Prayed Up, And I’m Waitin’ On My Rivalry
I’m The Hype, Nah, Y’all Ain’t Gotta Hype Me
I’m That B!tch, Give A Fu*k Who Don’t Like Me

It’s Grind Time, No Flossin’ (Let’s Get It)
Pulled Out The Truck And Put The Porsche In
These B!tches Tired, They Exhausted (Tired-A*s Hoes)
Got B!tches Tannin’ For This Dark Skin

B!tch, I’m Really From The Trenches
Where It’s Shots, I Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Syringes (Bop, Bop, Bow)
Yeah, I’m Really From Them Trenches
Pretty-A*s Lips Make These B!tches Cop Syringes, Mwah
No Bars

Written by: ​JT, Nicki Minaj, BrizzyOnDaBeat, Noc, Michael Kofi Bonsu & Raphael Oliveira

No Bars Song Info:

Song: No Bars
Band/Singer: JT
Lead Vocals: JT
Lyrics: JT, Nicki Minaj, BrizzyOnDaBeat, Noc, Michael Kofi Bonsu & Raphael Oliveira
Music: BrizzyOnDaBeat & Noc
Music Label: Motown Records & Quality Control
Featuring: JT
Release Date: July 14, 2023

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No Bars Music Video

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of the “No Bars” song?
JT, Nicki Minaj, BrizzyOnDaBeat, Noc, Michael Kofi Bonsu, and Raphael Oliveira have written the lyrics of “No Bars”.

Who is the singer of the “No Bars” song?
JT has sung the song “No Bars”.

Who is the music producer of the “No Bars” song?
“No Bars” song music was produced by ​BrizzyOnDaBeat and Noc.

When was the”No Bars” song released?
“No Bars” song was released on July 14, 2023.

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