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​​If I Lay Here Lyrics by Kerser: “​​If I Lay Here” is a Brand New Song, sung by Kerser. ​​If I Lay Here song lyrics are written by Kerser, with music also produced by ​Kerser, and this brand-new music video was released on June 28, 2023.

Kerser – ​​If I Lay Here Lyrics

We’ll Do It All
On Our Own
We Don’t Need
Or Anyone

Alright, Look
Remember At The Start I Was Fighting Through The Hate They Had
Never Got To Tell You That I Didn’t Think I’d Make It Back
But I Made It Through And Every Step Was Thanking You
Sometimes The Hardest Thing We’re Made To Do Is Go And Face The Truth
Kinda Feel Surreal, Now I’m Hitting Up The Finish Line
There’s Hate And Then There’s Love And In The End You Have To Pick A Side
The Gift Of Life Can Get Served With A Fu*ked Dish
That’s Why The Gift Has A Kers That It Comes With

It’s Strictly For The Fans I Had Sydney In My Hands
And The Weight Of The Whole Country Made Me Dizzy In The End
Have Me Spinning Where I Stand, Understand This Is A Plan
Revisit If You Miss It Cause It’s Ten And It’s The End
Still I Try To Drive Straight, Lost A Couple Five Eights
When I Hit The Scene They Even Blamed Me For The Crime Rate
They Tried It All, They Tried [?] They Were Shallow – (Fu*k It)
The Goodbyes Are Way Harder Than The “Hello’s”
(Seems Way Harder To Say Goodbye)
(But I’ma Come Straight Back In)

I Wish It Wasn’t Me With The Fu*king Advice
I Wish I Got Rich Without Fame, But Fu*k It It’s Life
Still, The Memories Will Stay
You Hit Play For The Flashbacks
Generations Raised Off The Plays
And My Raps Had Almost Lost It All
I Was Thinking That’s A Big Cause
Like Every Avenue We Took, We Hit A Brick Wall

I Had A Temper, Probably Took Shit Overboard
I Must Have Been A Gentleman, Cause All I Did Was Open Doors
For The Next Gen, Time For Me To Rest Man
Push Me To The Ledge, And That Made Me A Legend
And You Relate Either One Way Or Another
I’m Coming Down From Highs When Hitting Runways With My Brothers
Let Me Bow Out With Rhymes, Been Here By Your Side
I Gave You Soundtracks Through Life
And I Doubt That You’ll Find
Someone Like The Kers Again
So Many Ups And Downs
But You’re The Reason It Was Worth It Man

And Aye Just Before I Go, Let Me Say
Some Do It With The Alcohol, Some Hitting Something Heavier
Some Fight Until They Can’t No More And Buckle When It’s Scarier
That’s How Life Go, Explain It Through A Mic Yo
And From The Start To The End I Had To Do It High Though
Tell Me That Then, Would Have Been Like “Ah Damn”
Suppose I Would’ve Smiled When You Said I Made It Rappin’
Kill The Game Yeah, Hit It With A Murder
And One More Time, Let Me Hit Them With A Kerser

Written by: ​Kerser

​​If I Lay Here Song Info:

Song: If I Lay Here
Band/Singer: Kerser
Lead Vocals: Kerser
Lyrics: Kerser
Music: Kerser
Music Label: Kerser
Featuring: Kerser
Release Date: June 28, 2023

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​​If I Lay Here Music Video

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of the “​​If I Lay Here” song?
Kerser has written the lyrics of “​​If I Lay Here”.

Who is the singer of the “​​If I Lay Here” song?
Kerser has sung the song “​​If I Lay Here”.

Who is the music producer of the “​​If I Lay Here” song?
Kerser produced the “​​If I Lay Here” song music.

When was the ”​​If I Lay Here” song released?
The “​​If I Lay Here” song was released on June 28, 2023.

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