Come Here Lyrics – Anti Da Menace

Come Here Lyrics by Anti Da Menace: “‎Come Here” is a Brand New English Song, sung by Anti Da Menace. Come Here Song written by Anti Anti Da Menace and HardKnock, with music also produced by ​​HardKnock.

Anti Da Menace – Come Here Lyrics 

Huh, Uh-uh, Uh, Yeah
I’m In The Hills Right Now
Let’s Get It, Yeah
I’m In The—, Ooh
Ooh, Blrrrd, Blrrrd, Yeah

Ooh, I’m In The Hills, I’m On A Pill, Phew
Boy, You Pay, I Get Your Puccy-A*s Tripped Or Your Puccy-A*s Killed
Nigga’s Brain’s Gettin’ Spilled, Huh
Love His Baby Mama, Puccy Mean-A*s Grip, Huh
See, Your B!tch Right There, She Jammed
We Don’t Need Them Clips
Told Them Boys, “Don’t Give A Damn,
We Shut It Down, Come Over Here” (Ayy)
Safe To Say Nobody Move
There Go That Puccy Boy Talking On That ‘gram
When We Bust His Head, Bet Big Brodie Send Him Off, Get Spammed
Deep Off In These Streets, I Swear This Shit Get Risky
Ooh, On That Block, I Had To Shoot That Damn 50
Ooh, He Think I Ain’t No Motherfu*king Killer
Puccy, Tempt Me
Ready To Shoot A Gun At A Gorilla, Knock Him Out The Tree



Okay, The Devil Took My Fu*king Soul, I Admit, Huh
Fu*ked His B!tch, I Did It
I’d Do It Again, Come Get It
Dog Had Walked Up On Me In Mall, I Had To Put My Blick In Lennox
Thought I Had It In My Draws, But I Had Tricked They A*s, They Trippin’
Got Yo’ B!tch Sucking My Balls
She Keeps On Licking, Keeps On Spitting
You Can Catch My Next Bro
They Chat, Don’t Even Like To Kick It
Oh, You Want Three Niggas On The Phone?
That’s Gon’ Be A Dub Plus A Fifty
It Take A Call To Get ’em Gone
It’s Hella Love In My City
But I Don’t Wanna Call Nobody,
I Wanna Go And Catch Me A Body
Nigga Pulled That Puccy Shit,
I Really Wan’ Just Go See A Body
I Chop Him Up And Throw Him Right Up In The Beach, This Murda Island
Mama Told Me, “Since You Came Up Out My Womb, Boy, You Was Violent”
Got These Puccy Niggas Spotting, Huh
I Don’t Got No Stylist, Yeah
Finna Go Out Wide Body, Huh, This B!tch Here Got No Mileage
I’ll Prolly Push That Ho Away, I Never Got No Love, That’s On God
I’m Rich As Fu*k, I Popped This Shit Until My Death
Okay, I Don’t Know What They Be Thinkin’, I’m Really Tryna Kill Somethin’
Or Put Them Blickys In Them Videos Because These Real Guns
I Just Play My Fu*king Role, Know These Boys Don’t Like Me
If You My Brother, You My Brother
Lil’ Bro Need To Get Some Cheese
I Swear This Shit Here Came To Be
I Just Be Rappin’ On These Beats
Come Here, Bust The B!tch And Pull Right Out,
Leave Lil’ Girls On Her Sheets


Come Here, Lil’ Roy
Come Here, Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm
B!tch, Yeah
Put Out All Them Tracks, So I’m As Crazy As It Get

Written by: ​Anti Da Menace


Come Here Song Info:

Song: Come Here
Album: No Sympathy
Band/Singer: Anti Da Menace
Lead Vocals: Anti Da Menace
Lyrics: Anti Da Menace & HardKnock
Music: HardKnock
Music Label: Anti Da Menace
Featuring: Anti Da Menace
Release Date: July 20, 2023

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Come Here” song?
Anti Da Menace and HardKnock have written the lyrics of “Come Here”.

Who is the singer of the “Come Here” song?
Anti Da Menace has sung the song “Come Here”.

Who is the music producer of the “Come Here” song?
“Come Here” song music was produced by ​​HardKnock.

When was the”Come Here” song released?
“Come Here” song was released on July 20, 2023.

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