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​​Casualties Lyrics by Rack5: “​​Casualties” is a Brand New Song, sung by Rack5. ​​Casualties song lyrics are written by Rack5, with music also produced by ​Rack5, and this brand-new music video was released on July 7, 2023.

Rack5 – ​​Casualties Lyrics

You Lose Your Membership For Running,
Not Protecting Your Guys
I Know They Scheme On My Life,
No Lie I Feel It Inside

I Took My Knife Out The Sheeth,
All Stealth Like A Thief In The Night
I Push It In And Deep On My Life,
And Leave A B!tch Unalived

Cah He Weren’t Talk Bout No Respect,
So We Left G In The Sky
G-17 That’s Me For The Night,
Like A Thief In The Night

I Tried To Frost Him,
When I See That N!gga Freezing In Five
Swear On My? Shit,
Now I’m Dodging Life In Dubai

I Get Mad I Go And Ride,
And Squeeze I Terrify Thе Streets
Any Time They Talk That Sh!t Online Wе Go,
And Fry A Neek

If You Won Ride For Me,
Get In The T And Help Provide For Beef
No One Can’t Style On Me,
No Competition Different Category

He Tried To Slide On Me,
I Left That N!gga As A Casualty
Protect My Name Ain’t Claiming Sh!t,
Won’t Let No B!tch Embarrass Me

My Name Been Ringing Bells Up In These Streets,
Don’t Need No One To Cap For Me
I Was Billing Up Some Cali Weed,
I Heard They Put A Bag On Me
This Is Just Me Naturally

Somebody Check The Bbc,
Cos We Been Leaving Casualties
Somebody Check The Bbc,
Cos We Been Leaving Casualties

Came With A Wire Stop,
I Took It Off I Rock Without It
He’s A Pussy In The Disguise That’s,
Why He Talks The Loudest

No Responses To No Opps,
They Lost A Lot That’s How We Still On Top
They Think I Lost The Plot,
Cos I Talk Murder We Make Bodies Drop

Smoked Him And His Friends Seen All The Smoke From,
When I Knocked It Off
I See Them Man Inside,
Cah When They’re Out We Pull Up Lock It Off

I Know That One Did Rock The Boss,
All Our Glocks Been Shot
Pull Up Then? And Run,
I’m Pulling Up To Stop Your Clock

Somebody Check The BBC,
Cos We Been Leaving Casualties
Somebody Check The BBC,
Cos We Been Leaving Casualties

Written by: ​Rack5

​​Casualties Song Info:

Song: Casualties
Band/Singer: Rack5
Lead Vocals: Rack5
Lyrics: Rack5
Music: Rack5
Video Director: DonProd
Music Label: Digga D TV
Featuring: Rack5
Release Date: July 7, 2023

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​​Casualties Music Video

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of the “​​Casualties” song?
Asking Alexandria has written the lyrics of “​​Casualties”.

Who is the singer of the “​​Casualties” song?
Asking Alexandria have sung the song “​​Casualties”.

Who is the music producer of the “​​Casualties” song?
Asking Alexandria produced the “​​Casualties” song music.

When was the ”​​Casualties” song released?
The “​​Casualties” song was released on July 7, 2023.

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