Bosses Linking With Bosses Lyrics – Babyface Ray (ft. Veeze)

Bosses Linking With Bosses Lyrics by Babyface Ray: “‎Bosses Linking With Bosses” is a Brand New Song, sung by Babyface Ray and  Veeze. Bosses Linking With Bosses Song lyrics are written by Babyface Ray and Veeze, with music produced by ​Treeze, and this brand-new music video was released on July 21, 2023.

Babyface Ray – Bosses Linking With Bosses Lyrics


Find Another Nigga To Play With
10K In Ones, A Day Shift (Frrt)
Back To Back To Back,
I’m Racing (Back To Back, Okay, Treeze)
Pussy Good, But Nothin’ To Lay With
(Nothing, B!tch, Yeah, Welcome To The—
Welcome To The Mob, B!tch, N!gga, You Know That)


Served A Million Times, I Still Don’t Trust Him, He Might Cross Me
You Ain’t Slick As Me, Showed His Hand And That’s Gon’ Cost Him
I Get 40K A Show, I Used To Serve To All Milwaukee
I Heard Fans Taking Pictures ’cause
It’s Bosses Link With Bosses (I Heard Fans Taking Pictures)

Yeah, Got It On Me The Sloppy Way
Exotic Bags, What You Tryna Pay? (Yeah)
I Can’t Lie, I Got Time Today
Fendi Coat With The Prada Shades (Fendi Coat)
I’ma Keep Shippin’, Tote The Stick, Doc Holliday (Doc Holliday)
I Told Her, “Hit The Door And Handle Business,
Stop Tryna Stay” (Stop Tryna Stay)


Clearing Out My Roster, ’bout To Play Eliminate (Yeah)
I Don’t Know Who More Toxic, Is It Me Or My Lemonade?
Pull Up To Her Job, Get Throat On Her Lunch Break
Money Got Me Spoiled, Hoes Do What I Say

I’m From 7 Mile, N!ggas Die, They Touch Me
Make Like Thirty Thou’ Every Time They Touch The 8
N!ggas Go Through Great Heights Just To Show They Hate
Blues With Me All The Time, I’m Beyoncé


Find Another N!gga To Play With
Real Hitters Owe Me Favors
Snitch N!gga, No Relations
Pissy B!tches Like Probation

Made Your Bed, Gotta Lay There
I’m ’bout To Start A Daycare
My Bad Side, Ain’t Safe There
All My N!ggas Don’t Play Fair

Seven-Figure N!gga, You Don’t Know Nothin’
Pokin’ Out My Pocket, But I Still Don’t Give A Ho Nothin’
What You Know About Serving ’til The Sun Come?
Way Before High School, They Trusted Me For Coke Runs

Label Talkin’ Two M’s, At First, They Tried To Lowball Me
I Just Take The Shit That I Wear Once To The Salvation Army
Boy, I’m In The Brothers Only World Tour, The Navy Army
Bake A N!gga Like A Hot And Ready Butter Parmesan

Made It Out The Jungle, I Can’t Lie, A Couple Scars On Me
If They Knew What I Had On Me Right Now, It’d Be Five Stars On Me
N!gga Made At Me For No Reason, I Feel Sorry For Him
On My Granny, I Ain’t Gotta Hit The Stash Or Borrow Nothin’

Find Another N!gga To Play With
He A Zero, Jayson Tatum
Street N!gga, Fu*k On A-listers
Wavy Like The Fu*king Caymans

Written by: ​Babyface Ray & Veeze

Bosses Linking With Bosses Song Info:

Song: Bosses Linking With Bosses
Album: Summer’s Mine
Band/Singer: Babyface Ray & Veeze
Lead Vocals: Babyface Ray & Veeze
Lyrics: Babyface Ray & Veeze
Music: Treeze
Music Label: Wavy Gang & EMPIRE
Featuring: Babyface Ray & Veeze
Release Date: July 21, 2023

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Bosses Linking With Bosses” song?
Babyface Ray and Veeze have written the lyrics of “Bosses Linking With Bosses”.

Who is the singer of the “Bosses Linking With Bosses” song?
Babyface Ray and Veeze have sung the song “Bosses Linking With Bosses”.

Who is the music producer of the “Bosses Linking With Bosses” song?
“Bosses Linking With Bosses” song music was produced by ​Treeze.

When was the”Bosses Linking With Bosses” song released?
“Bosses Linking With Bosses” song was released on July 21, 2023.

Bosses Linking With Bosses Music Video