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Angel Lyrics by X JAPAN: “Angel” is a Brand New English Song, sung by X JAPAN. Angel Song lyrics are written by ​YOSHIKI, with music also produced by ​YOSHIKI, and this brand-new music video was released on July 28, 2023.

X JAPAN – Angel Lyrics

“Where Do We Go?”
I Asked Myself, I Asked My Shadow
Twilights Still Following The Silhouette Again
The Angel At Night Draped The Shade In New York City
If I Could Fly From Skyscrapers
I’d Be Flying To You

Like An Angel
And I, I Love You Like There’s No Tomorrow
Sweet, Sweet Angel
If There’s A Tomorrow, I’d Do The Same

Why Do We Hurt?
Some Who Does, Cry Us A River
Sometimes Our Love Is Much Greater Than Pain
Tears Come And Pray, And Have A Taste Of Bloody Mary
I Wish I Could Bury Her Sorrow, ’cause All She Needed Was Love

Love From Angel
Till Time Takes Away All Tears And Fears
I’ll Be Your Angel
Fly Across The World, To See Your Smile

Baby, You’ll Be Loved
Time And Time Again
The Way You Need To Be
The Way You Deserve To Be

“Where Do We Go?”
I Asked Myself, I Asked My Shadow
Whispers Still Flowing My Silhouette Again

Written by: ​YOSHIKI

Angel Song Info

Song: Angel
Band/Singer: X JAPAN
Lead Vocals: X JAPAN
Music Label: X JAPAN
Featuring: X JAPAN
Release Date:
July 28, 2023

LyricsWorldYou FAQs & Trivia

Who wrote the lyrics of the “Angel” song?
YOSHIKI has written the lyrics of “Angel”.

Who is the singer of the “Angel” song?
X JAPAN has sung the song “Angel”.

Who is the music producer of the “Angel” song?
“Angel” song music was produced by ​YOSHIKI.

When was the”Angel” song released?
“Angel” song was released on July 28, 2023.

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